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Fight by Gary R. Hess

This poem is a metaphor about how we must continue to fight the problems we face in the United States within the political system and for everything we feel is wrong in the world today. If we continue fighting, victory will come.


Category: American


Serious anxiety flowing
Crashing through my mind
Blood rushing through my veins
Muscles tightening upon compression

The moment is soon to come
Where losers will not win
The masks come off from posers
And winners show their skills

The death of one has come quickly
Another soon to fall
The abilities matched between us
Strength, quickness, stamina
Just the same

I choose the weapon I know best
To fight off the evil souls
Outnumbering my foolish hatred
They strike quickly

This moment of oppression
Only seen by some
It's the time to attack
My weapon swung but too soon

They move quickly to retaliate
My arm struck, bleeding
My opponent strong but still foolish
I use my mind to strike back
Weakening their hope to win

Seeing the passion within my eyes
They settle into fear
Victory will soon come
Victory will soon come

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