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Our Duty by Gary R. Hess

This poem talks about what America is doing abroad and at home politically and the changes which should be made.


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Our Duty

What kind of world is it today
When love for our country
Is tearing us apart
When love for our country
Is taking our freedoms
When love for our country
Is killing our children

So much wrong with the world today
So much can be done
The states need to help those in need
And stop hurting the ones who bleed

Differences between our nations
Are not as great as it seems
We are all hungry
And need to breathe

Countries with growing poverty and hunger
Need our help more than ever
Spend money not on oil
Not on weapons to kill
Spend the money on food
Spend the money to cure cancer
Spend the money to cure aids

We can do this
All we need is to help
Cure the hatred
Instead of pleasing our greed

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