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Angry Love Quotations By Famous People

Angry love quotes are sayings about being frustrated and bitter about love. Everyone has gone through this feeling before, so here are a few famous people's thoughts on the matter.

A quote about love and hate.
Think about why they hate you.
It is so great to love, but hell when you are hurt.
Gabeth Williams
Love is like the story of Frankenstein. You love the creation of your love until it turns against you then all you want to do is kill it.
Martin Shows

Love is like a bubblegum, juicy and sweet at first chew. But when you get hurt it turns tasteless and you want to spit it out.
Jennifer Short
I love, I took the risk, I even gave myself, still not enough. He just took my heart and never returned it to me.
Sally Springfield
You took my heart and ate it before even having a chance to chew.
Frank Gobbles
I don't care if the world is against me. After all, you are my universe.
You are like a fine wine, leave the cork off long enough and you turn to vinegar.
Frank Hapsburgh
The best thing that a man could say to his woman is "I love you". But the worst thing that he could say is "Goodbye".
Beth Starr
Thinking back through all of our years together, every single one of them was hell.
Brett Minsk.
Trust is very important in a relationship. It is like a glass that when it is broken you cannot put it back.
Sylvester Livingston
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