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Angry Quotations By Famous People

Reading angry quotes is a great way to help calm yourself (or understand others) by seeing thoughts on what it means to feel that way. These quotations are written by famous people throughout history.

Anger is not something we should show to the world.
Patty Fine
Being angry is part of being human, but taking it out on innocent bystanders is something only animals do.
Jack Williams
Anger should be taken with responsibility.
Francis Goldstein
Frustration motivates us, but anger takes that motivation and confuses us.
Elizabeth Franklin
Love makes you see wonderful things, but anger makes you see the ugliest world.
Georgia Hanks
Staying bitter our entire lives is a great way to live it alone.
Jimmy John
Don't be inflamed by your emotions, it leads you to murder.
Tim Fallon
Don't be offended if life doesn't go the way you want it to be. But embrace it with faith.
Toni Johnson
Don't let hatred ruin you. It eats your soul.
Jackson Spikes
Having a fiery personality does help in certain situations, but in others it makes you a monster.
William Butler
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