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Ten Dating Tips for Men

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Relationship

A lot of guys have problems keeping a relationship going. Men get comfortable with how things are, and often, a bit too comfortable. As men, we need to learn how to be comfortable with our partner, but yet not go overboard.

Dating in itself can be a bit tough. However, with a few tips you will be right on your way to a better experience for you and your partner.

  1. Get off your butt and cook something! - Don't always let the woman do the cooking. She likes to have a night on the couch every once in a while too.
  2. Stop farting around her! - OK, we all know it's hard to hold a few big ones in. But come on, sometimes the ones that plop can be held until we reach a restroom.
  3. Hey fatso, do a few crunches! - Not only will working out help your love life, but it will also show her you are dedicated to staying healthy and being energetic.
  4. Don't lie about stupid stuff. - Seriously, what the hell is your problem? Not going to call? Don't like her? Don't tell her you will call.
  5. Lie about the small things. - No, not your pecker. If she asks you if she looks pretty in a dress, always say YES! That is, unless she is trying to trick you... then you're screwed.
  6. If you are busy, tell her. - There's no reason a week should pass without a simple, quick phone call or at the very least, e-mail stating you have been too busy to talk.
  7. Quit talking about yourself, you're not THAT interesting. - Seriously, shut up already! It's great to know the ins and outs of everything about who you are, just don't tell it all in one setting. Get to know her, ask questions, and seem interested.
  8. She's not your 'chick' or 'baby'. - Well, maybe she is, just not on the first date. Given, some women like this, but the majority don't. Why risk it?
  9. Stop staring at the waitresses. - Don't be a pig. If you bring a girl to a restaurant, treat her with respect and don't let your eyes wonder.
  10. Don't act desperate. - Women HATE this. It is probably the number one reason why women get turned off, besides from your ugly mug. Play a little hard to get, men can do it too.

If you didn't already know all of this, well, sorry bud. But there isn't enough fish in the sea for you to choose from. Good thing there are five oceans (or three, but we won't get into that).