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Famous Love Letters

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Romance

Have you ever wondered what Ludwig Beethoven said to his little "angel"? Have you ever found yourself pondering on what sort of soothing words Winston Churchill said to his darling Clemmie? Even these men who are thought of as manly and sometimes scary figures have written words which can melt the heart of any woman. Read on to find out exactly what they said.

Man has been writing for thousands of years. Ever since, they have been writing about their love: their love for animals; their love for hunting; their love of nature; and yes, their love for other human-beings.

As you might have suspected, many famous people have been known to write love letters. Many of these letters have been kept for memory purposes or historical reference. Whatever the reason, we are glad they have been documented and open to the public. It not only makes for great citing, but also for a great read.

Famous Love Letters

Abigail Adams - A very beautiful letter written to her husband, John Adams.
Ludwig Beethoven - Yes, Beethoven had his own little "angel" of his own. This is an amazing love letter written by one of the greatest musicians of all-time.
Winston Churchill - Yes, even Churchill tried his hand in romantic writing. Of course, this one was written to his darling Clemmie in 1935.
Zelda Sayre to F. Scott Fitzgerald - Perhaps her writing is just as great as Fitzgerald's (at least in this instance).
Mark Twain - One of the most prolific American writers used his pen to get his ladies. This is a short but quite romantic work. Whatever woman received this was quite lucky and surely happy.
Napoleon (1795) - Even famous generals wrote letters. Women are wonderful creatures, they could even make Napoleon's heart melt.
Napoleon (1797) - Another fantastic writing by the great leader of France.
Van Gogh - A great artist of all types. Of course, he was a bit weird. This was written to his brother about his cousin. Yikes! Although, it was much more common during that period.
Voltaire - A great thinker thought his way to writing this amazing letter to his own love.

These are just some of the few great love letters written throughout history. Even today, men and women are writing them, except instead of on pen and paper they are happening in emails, Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. People haven't changed as much as you'd think. We simply have different means of going about it.