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Finding a Publisher for Your Book

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Writing

Are you wanting to find a publisher for your next book? Many people are doing the same thing. They simply don't know where to turn to. If you don't know someone, things can be extremely difficult. Nonetheless, hopefully these tips will help you find the perfect place.

With that said, finding a publisher can be very strenuous. In fact, it may even be harder than actually writing the book itself if you don't know what you are doing. If you aren't in the loop, make yourself in the loop. By this, I mean create a Facebook account and a LinkedIn account and start following other authors and their publishers. Find out where the publishers are and how to connect with them.

Being social is becoming more and more important and not just online. Becoming friends and friends of friends of publishers is the best way to get yourself a publishing deal.

Of course, if you are unable to do so, in order to find the best publisher follow these guide-lines:

1) Make sure your book is well written and well edited. A book that isn't well edited will not get you published. You can make sure it is well written and edited by spreading a copy around to your friends and have them read and edit it. Be sure to listen to any and all their criticisms. Tell them to be harsh about it.

2) Remember that these things take time. Even Stephen King was not signed the first night. Be patient, book publishers are quite busy and may take quite some time to get back to you. Just keep positive, if your book is good a publisher will sign you.

3) Start big and work down. Submit your book to the largest publisher first, then work yourself downward. Chances are, if a large publisher signs you the more money you will see in return and the more publicity. However, don't get distressed when the first notice comes your way about not being signed, there are many more publishers who would love to publish a new book and yours might just be it.

4) An easy way to get published is to start it yourself, if you do not wish to mess with publishers, is to find a publishing company who will do it for free without the advertising. A great place to start looking is at cafepress(dot)com. They have a great selection of book styles and offer a great pricing for self publishing and along the way maybe a publisher will pick up a copy and sign you to a better deal. Amazon(dot)com is another fantastic choice and may be superior if you are known on the web. You can easily publish your own e-book and have your visitors download a copy.

The most important thing to remember while looking for a publisher is to stay positive and keep trying. There are many publishers in this world and sooner or later they will come your way. Whatever you do, don't stop writing! The more you write the better you become. If this book doesn't make it, maybe the next will.