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Funny Scary Movies for Halloween

Alright, so almost every scary movie is for Halloween, even movies not-so-scary. But, some of you may not be into the whole shaking naked in the corner and crying like others. So for you, you might want to check out these hilarious--well, funny--movies.


I hate spiders with a passion: their legs, the way they walk, their webs, and especially their bites. When a horror movie is made about them, you would think it would be horrifying, but nope. It is hilarious. Disclaimer: I love John Goodman

The Blob (1988)Gooey slime, who would have thought it could be funny? Oh, everyone? Not one specific scene sticks out, but The Blob is an excellent watch with a couple friends.

Evil Dead I & II

The Evil Dead

Although there is some gore (it looks incredibly fake), this film is hilarious. Bruce Campbell was made from this film. His facial expressions are hilarious, his lines are perfect, and his look is fit for this film. If you don't know who he is, check out this film and you'll love both him and it.

Shaun of the Dead
A zombie film! Do-do-Do-do. There is absolutely no way typical zombies can't be scary. Sure, they can look scary, but when they move slow, act stupid, and do everything else typical zombie-like, they just aren't. It does make for a good laugh though. Add in a few cheesy lines and you have a classic.

This film was once one of the scariest of all-time, now it is considered a laugh-and-a-half. Stiff sharks, old-style haircuts and typical lines--it is great. And while your laughing, you can appreciate one of the best films of all-time.

Santa's Slay

Santa's Slay

You probably haven't heard of this film, but it is an amazing B-movie. Who doesn't love a killer Santa with killer lines? The plot actually isn't too bad and his sleigh is freaking sweet. Also, his kills are pretty badass. Check it out.

An American Werewolf in London
This is one of the more amazing films on the list (along with Jaws). The makeup is one of the best I have seen for werewolves outside of Underworld. There is a huge cult following for this film, partly for the humor and partly for the overall awesomeness that is American Werewolf.

Return of the Living Dead
This is actually a sequel to another film, but since the sequels were actually split (between this and the Dead series) I included just this line. In this film, the zombie's want to eat brains! And they aren't slow walkers like typical zombies either. Anyway, it is still a zombie-film, so yes, it is hilarious.

Idle Hands

Idle Hands

I'm a Seth Green fan, so this might be a bit overrated on my part. It's a bit "coming of age" and a bit "that's just funny because it is stupid". I'm starting to get a bit too old for the coming of age films, but this was a great watch while I was a teen.

Fright Night
I already listed a couple zombie films, a werewolf film, and even a Santa killer film, so why not a vampire horror? This is seen as the best vampire comedy-horror by most accounts (some even believe it to be the best comedy-horror), and I'd have to agree. This movie has just about everything you want out of a film: affection, death, humor, and even a few scares.


There are a few other films which deserve honorable mention: Bride of Chucky, Pirates of Ghost Island, and Re-Animator