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Valentine's Day: Give the Gift of Poetry

Poetry may seem like a weird Valentine's Day gift at first, but it is way way to show someone you deeply care and have put a lot of thought into the gift. If you are worried about the gift not going well, simply add it to another gift such as flowers or chocolates. You can easily write it on the card.

Valentine's Day is a special holiday for couples of all ages and stages of their relationship. Whether you are married, engaged or just dating, Valentine's Day is the time for you. Heck, even if you are single but spend the day with your friends or family, it can still be a day of fun and happiness.

With this, we all know what comes along with Valentine's Day: chocolates and flowers. But that is an old and tired tradition; it's time for a change. This year give your loved one the gift of poetry.

"Poetry?", you ask? Indeed!

Poetry lets you show your true emotions and gives your partner the feeling that they are truly special. The poem doesn't have to be something you get from a well-known poet or even a gift store and you don't have to go out and buy the latest "Poetry for Dumbies".

Poetry is about arousing senses and showing true emotion. If you do that, you have a great poem. Or at least one which your love will appreciate. Even though it's cliche to say, "It's the thought that counts," it truly is the thought that counts in this instance. The problem with this saying is that usually there isn't much thought in the present, so it is generally said in a meaningless way. However, with poetry, they truly know that you put effort, thought, and your heart into the poem.

If you feel you don't have what it takes to write or you are just feeling lazy, there are many great places you can buy poetry, both customized and non. Something you can do yourself is find a poem which states how you feel about your loved one and then put it on a card, read it to them, or even have it embroidered. There are many great ways you can express yourself.

Valentine's day is still a few days away, so you still have time to get your poem ready for your loved ones. Give them a great gift this year, the gift of poetry!