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Long Distance Love Poems Make the Relationship Easier

Once upon a time, long distance relationships were seen as taboo. If you told your friends that your partner is in New York and you are living in Texas, they would open their eyes wide and let out a huge sigh. Today, that isn't the case. It is *almost* as widely accepted as local relationships. Nonetheless, that doesn't make them any easier to deal with.

Long distance relationships are hard to handle. Even with today's technology it's hard to get over the fact that you can't hold each other, go on dates together, or kiss each other. For many people, these are great reasons to give up on the relationship and seek out someone closer. However for others, distance is only a temporary setback. That still doesn't make it any easier, though.

One of the most important parts of dealing with the long distance is expressing yourself. Hugs and kisses are an expression. Since you can't do these, you need to find other ways to show your love; it is an important part of every stable relationship. If you can't show your appreciation and love, problems will arise.

Writing poetry is a great way to do this. The art form gives an amazing range of words and emotions to say exactly what you feel. You can write about the person, what they mean to you, or even what you would do if they were near. There is no limit with what you can say or do with poetry.

You don't have to rhyme, punctuate, or even capitalize within your poem. Simply write from your heart. Write what's on your mind. With poetry, all you need is time, patience, and a subject to write about. As long as you have those, you will be able to write poetry. No matter how bad or horrible it turns out, at least you are expressing yourself and showing your appreciation.

Even if you met your love online, long distance is hard to deal with. There are tough days, good days, and days you wish you could run away from the world. At least with poetry in your life, you can express yourself and show others exactly what you feel.

The great thing about love is that no matter how badly you write your poem, it will still be taken with open arms and a melted heart. So why not give it a try? Write your long distance love poem today.