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Classic Love Poems for Him

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Poetry

What better way is there than to show your love than reading your special someone a famous romance poem?

Every now and then we search for romantic poetry. The reason for doing so may range from finding a new romantic interest or for sending a simple love letter. Whatever the reason, we look long and hard to find just the right poem to fit our needs. Hopefully this page will help you find just what you are looking for. Well, that is if you are looking to find classic love poetry for him or rather, passionate poems for your man.

The works listed below are directly from the Poem of Quotes vault (meaning, you can click through and read them directly from Poem of Quotes) and are free to use, distribute, and do whatever you wish. They are listed in the Public Domain, so no worries! You can send them, share them, even change them as much as you wish. You should, however, give the original author credit for their part in whatever you are doing.

Emily Dickinson

This girl wrote many great things for you to share with your man. At first glance, it's difficult to tell exactly what she's saying. Before reading Dickinson's poetry, put your mind firmly in the gutter. Now, check them out.

Wild Night! Wild Nights! - Oh Emily, we all love those wild nights with our loved one.
My River
I Cannot Live with You - The feelings we all get when we are in love.
Come Slowly, Eden!
Did the Harebell Loose Her Girdle

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Browning has some of the most recognized poetry in the world. Specifically, her "How Do I Love Thee?" has won over the hearts of millions.

How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways - Simply a classic repeated everywhere.
I Thought Once How Theocritus Had Sung
Unlike Are We, Unlike, O Princely Heart!
What Can I Give Thee Back, O Liberal
If Thou Must Love Me, Let It Be for Naught - Right. We all want the love which goes both ways.
When Our Two Souls Stand Up Erect and Strong


Many of her works are thought to be really about women, but so what? They work just as well for men.

Ode to a Loved One - The most underrated love poet with a classic love poem.

There you have it! I hope you enjoy these famous poems and use them to your advantage. It's a great to to ask for a favor afterwords.