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How to Choose a Point of View

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Writing

Writing can be done in many different points of view. Each one of us have our own opinion on which we are the most comfortable with and which one is the best to write in. Choosing which point of view to use is simply a matter of our writing style.

First Person Point of View

The first point of view that I will talk about, which also happens to be my favorite, is first person. First person can be used in all types of tenses. This type of point of view is used to see one side of the story. Specifically your own. It is used in all types of stories and poetry. First person is used by the words I and me.

Second Person Point of View

Second person is the next thing you will learn about. Second person is hardly ever used when writing a story or book (except when quoting a character), but is often put to its test in poetry. When writing in second person it gives the reader a certain 'feeling' in which they are put into the actual situation. The reader then responds more openly about the situation. Second person point of view is something most writers have a hard time dealing with. It is used by the word 'you.'

Third Person Point of View

The last point of view is third person. Contrary to belief, there is actually two separate third person points of view. The first is the 'regular' type and then the second is omnipotent. The regular type is when the writer uses 'he' or 'she' or directs the question/statement to a particular thing or person. This type of writing is used in numerous styles and is one of the most popular styles of writing.

Omniscient Point of View

Omniscient on the other hand is not near as popular but when used correctly it can be something that your readers will appreciate. Omniscient literally means 'all knowing.' The narrator knows everything about the circumstance and knows exactly what everyone is thinking at any given point of time. This way of writing is often used with third person by using 'he' or 'she' but can also be done in second or first.

Choose a point of view that you are most comfortable with. Some ways work better than others but don't feel discouraged, try them all at least once to make sure it is best for you.