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Romantic Evening Ideas For Him And Her

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Romance

It's that time of year again, to romance and be romanced, love and be loved, and show appreciation for the one we hold dear. The day just doesn't come often enough for most, but comes far too often for others. But have no fear, the day can be enjoyed by all with a little evening magic.

What is this special day I speak of? Whatever day you want. Christmas, your love's birthday, Valentine's Day, your anniversary, or even your honeymoon.

Unique Romantic Evening Ideas

For those who love to change it up every year, these ideas are the not so common, but worthy of a try.

  1. Rose petal bath.

    One of the most beautiful things in this world along with one of the most relaxing; nothing could be better, except experiencing it with the one you love.

  2. Candle light serenade.

    Everything is beautiful in candle light. So even if you don't have the voice of Frank Sinatra, it'll still be romantic.

  3. Night under the stars.

    Sitting under the stars with a significant other is amazing. Looking at the universe together, talking, is something everyone should experience.

  4. A stay at a hotel.

    Even if you don't leave town, just being away from home together is enough.

  5. Buggy ride around town.

    Ever take a look at your town on a buggy ride? It's a thousand times more beautiful.

  6. Notes of love.

    Leave notes about how much you care and love your significant other in the car, kitchen, living room, everywhere you can think of.

Traditional Evening Ideas

Be it an anniversary, Valentine's Day or even Christmas, some just like it old fashioned, but still romantic. For those searching for the right idea, but just brain-freezed, search no farther.

  1. Romantic dinner out.

    For two please -- any extra is just that much more non-romantic. And of course, stay away from Chucky Cheese and McDonald's.

  2. Romantic dinner in.

    Be sure to use candles (not to cook with!) and be a gentleman/woman while serving and sitting.

  3. Watching a movie together.

    Even if the movies not romantic, the night still can be. Sometimes a moment alone holding each other is all a couple needs.

  4. Walk along the beach.

    Beaches are always beautiful, but when you with the one you love, it makes it all the more wonderful and special.

I hope this list has given you a few ideas on how you can spend your evening with romance and love.