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Romantic Things to do in Joplin, Missouri

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Romance

After Joplin's tragic tornado, things seemed to go down quickly. Houses were torn apart, businesses were shut down, and people were left wondering whether their great small town would fall apart or if it would make a comeback. The citizens, however, made the comeback the city deserves. The city still plays host to numerous fantastic areas and traditional spots you can still find today.

Joplin, Missouri isn't known for its romantic holiday spots, but that doesn't mean there aren't any. Joplin, like many other small towns, has a few great spots rarely traveled by those not-in-the-know. These types of places are generally in the middle of nowhere or rarely talked about. However, don't let that deter you. Some of the best places imaginable are the same way.

So for you, yes, only you, I found some of the best romantic spots in Joplin. So, try them out! What are you waiting for, Valentine's Day? Your anniversary? Don't! Do it now. Yes, now. Your loved one will appreciate it all the more.

  1. Richardson's Candy House
    The candy house has often times been seen as one of the best place to buy candies and chocolates in Missouri. If you want something even more romantic, they'll even make custom chocolates just for you.
  2. Joplin Little Theatre
    Even though this is a community theatre, it is still one of the best of its kind. They put on fantastic shows time and time again. If you are really daring, try auditioning with your loved one. It is a great way to spend time together and maybe find something you both enjoy.
  3. Check out the great restaurants Joplin has to offer
    Ichiban, Del Rio Bordertown, Cheddars, Red Onion, Mythos Euro Greek Kuzina are all fantastic places to eat. My personal favorite is Ichiban followed by Cheddars.
  4. A trip to Grand Falls
    This is Missouri's largest continually flowing natural waterfall. What else is there better to do?
  5. Route 66 Drive-in Theatre
    This is one of the last Route 66 Drive-ins still open today. So why not take a trip down memory lane and spend the night at the movies under the stars? If nothing else, it's cheaper than the cinema.

If these don't float your boat, take a walk along the trails or spend the night in with a home-cooked meal (that you prepare together) and a movie. The most important thing is spending time together, and whether that is at home or somewhere else, it's all that matters.