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Short Xmas Poems

Christmas is one of the greatest holidays celebrated around the world. It offers joy, presents, and great food. Why shouldn't we love it? Because of these great attributes, the holiday has given us many great writings and poems to enjoy.

Listed below are a few short Xmas poems out of the Public Domain. They can be edited for free and re-used in whatever manner you wish. However, I do recommend acknowledging the original author and citing me in good faith.

Christmas Provender

  Provide for Christmas ere that it do come,
  To feast thy neighbor good cheer to have some;
  Good bread and drink, a fire in the hall,
  Brawn, pudding, souse, and good mustard withal.
  Beef, mutton, pork, and shred pies of the best,
  Pig, veal, goose, capon, and turkey well drest;
  Apples and nuts to throw about the hall,
  That boys and girls may scramble for them all.
  Sing jolly carols, make the fiddlers play,
  Let scrupulous fanatics keep away;
  For oftentimes seen no arranter knave
  Than some who do counterfeit most to be grave.

by Poor Robin's Almanac

The Ceremonies for Candlemas Day

  Kindle the Christmas brand, and then
    Till sunset let it burn,
  Which quenched, then lay it up again
    Till Christmas next return.

  Part must be kept, wherewith to teend
    The Christmas log next year,
  And where 'tis safely kept, the fiend
    Can do no mischief there.

by Robert Herrick

Another Ceremony

  End now the white-loaf and the pie,
  And let all sports with Christmas die.

by Robert Herrick

Whispering Palms

  Holy angels and blest,
    Through these Palms as ye sweep,
  Hold their branches at rest,
    For my Babe is asleep.

  And ye, Bethlehem palm-trees,
    As stormy winds rush
  In tempest and fury
    Your angry noise hush;--
  Move gently, move gently,
    Restrain your wild sweep;
  Hold your branches at rest--
    My Babe is asleep.

by Lope de Vega


  Good-night, good-night, the day is done;
  Rock, rock the cradle, little one;
  The lamp is low, and low the sun,

  Good-night, good-night, the Christmas bough
  Bends to the rocking wind, and thou
  To mother's ditty noddest now,

  Good-night, good-night, the holy day
  Bring baby sweets, and sweets alway!
  Rock, rock--then, tiptoe, steal away,

by H. S. M.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this list of some of the greatest short Christmas poems known to man. Be sure to check out some of our other holiday writings for more lists and fun.