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Spring Poems: The Beauty of the Season

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Poetry

Spring is a time of wonder, mystery, and beauty. It's when birds begin to sing, bees begin to pollinate, and animals around the world begin to seek mates. More than anything, we humans see the season as a time of great weather, gardening, and outdoor sports. Of course, there's much more to it than this. It's everything!

The first day of spring is coming fast (or is it today?), and there is a lot to look forward to: flowers blossoming, birds chirping, and the rain pouring. It is the favorite part of the year for many people across the world, and why wouldn't it be? There's something for everyone.

Authors have been writing about the beauty of this season for centuries, if not millenniums. There is so much to put into poems and express in ways which short stories, letters, and talking aren't capable of. This is why poetry is special. It is something other writings aren't and will never be. It's emotion. It's curiosity. It's love.

I could go on and on about the beauty that is spring or I could go ahead and show you exactly where to look to find more talented authors expressing their opinions.

So here you are.

Here are some poems to help celebrate the first days of spring with great literature and beauty.

Haiku poems about spring
by Basho - the single greatest Haiku poet to have ever lived:
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First day of spring
Spring rain

Some short poems about spring
by Blake - seen as one of the greatest authors of all time:
To Spring

And here is a great poem on spring
by Wordsworth - one of the most famous American authors:

Spring is a wonderful time of year. It is the sign of a new beginning, where the grass begins to grow and the trees turn green. This is why the Babylonians celebrated New Year's on the first day of this season and the Chinese still do. The season is a sign of regrowth, prosperity, and overcoming obstacles.

I hope you enjoyed the list of Spring poetry! It's a short list but it's a quality list. Never underestimate the power of the great words of famous authors.

Hurry! Or it may be too late and you'll have to seek out warmer weather poetry to enjoy, and who wants that? Let's enjoy this fantastic season while we have it!