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The 10 Best Scary Movies for Halloween

Everyone loves watching scary movies for Halloween. Where people differ is the type of horror we/they enjoy. Some like short, quick jolts or psychological thrillers while others enjoy gore. Me? I like them all. If you are like me, you might enjoy these flicks for this Hallow's Eve.

Here is a list of the 10 best scary movies for Halloween (in no particular order).

The Shining

I am not old enough to have seen The Shining when it originally released, but this is definitely a classic and still one of the finest horror flicks of all time. I've always thought of Jack Nicholson as a crazy old man. After this film, he is not only crazy but also an incredibly creepy one.

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Ju-On (American version: The Grudge)

The Asians have really set a precedence on horror films. This is the first foreign film on the list and definitely not the last. If you find crab walks creepy and enjoy haunted houses, this movie might be for you.

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Janghwa, Hongryeon (American version: The Uninvited)

Another Asian film, this one coming out of Korea. Once again, I enjoy the foreign version better. There is just something about the foreign audiences which enjoy a scarier, more creepy, less happy show compared to the domestic audiences.

What many don't know about this film, is that "Janghwa Hongreyon jeon" (amazingly close to the title, right?) is a Korean folktale about a man and wife who have two baby girls, only for her to die soon after. He then remarries, but the new wife is cruel stepmother who abuses the girls and eventually kills the eldest. The youngest daughter couldn't take the increased mistreatment of the stepmother and the loss of her sister any longer and was found dead in the same pond the eldest was killed in. The original story also includes three half-brothers and a few mayors, but these are often left out in recent tellings.

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The Exorcist

Ah, one of many people's favorite horror films of all-time. What could be creepier than a female possibly being controlled by a demon? I think the title says all you need to know about this film.

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

In my opinion, the original is always better. The original 1974 film caused major disturbances around the world which caused it to be banned in many countries. Nonetheless, this film went on to become one of the most successful B-movies in the history of cinema and is considered one of the most influential horror films ever made. Despite common belief, the story is completely fictional.

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[Rec] (American version: Quarantine)

If you haven't seen either the original Spain film or the American remake, watch it now! The film is about a reporter who is covering a local fire-station at night and rides along to a reported emergency. But while there, they are locked in due for containment. The rest is all thrills.

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Into the Mirror (American version: Mirrors)

I was a little iffy about this movie before watching. I thought it would be just another lame-o new-age film, but boy was I wrong. Mirrors is also perhaps the best American remake of a foreign film (though [Rec] and the Grudge wasn't bad). It's about a security guard who notices something weird happening with the mirrors. The difference in the name is due to the differences in the film. The script was changed for American audiences (it wasn't happy enough).

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Last House on the Left

This is by far the creepiest, most disturbing film on the list. Honestly, after watching it once you will probably never want to watch it again. If you enjoy films about revenge, though, you will love this. I don't think it matters which version you watch, they are all creepy.

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The Changeling

You might be thinking, "What the hell? This isn't a scary movie!" Well indeed, the Angelina Jolie film isn't, but the 1980 film directed by Peter Medak is. The film is based upon the writer's experiences while living in the Henry Treat Rogers Mansion. The protagonist moves cross-country after the deaths of his wife and daughter in a traffic accident in upstate New York. He rents the mansion and tries to put his life back together, but he soon discovers the house is haunted.

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Ringu (American version: The Ring)

The movie Ringu, The Ring original

Once again, the foreign version prevails. If you haven't heard, the film is about a huanted video tape. Yep, it sounds silly. But really, this was the start of the weirdo digital-age haunting films of late. It isn't the haunted internet or the haunted cell phones, but haunted video tapes. Trust me, it's better than it sounds.

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You might have noticed the large amount of foreign films on the list. Currently, I believe Hollywood is focused too much on the gore and not enough about the storyline. Of course, foreign films are not shy about gore either, but the movies seem more focused on the plot instead.