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The Poetry Revolution: Re-Emergence Through Slam Poetry

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Poetry

For most of history, poetry has been loved by audiences of all ages. It has been used to tell histories and news, pass along culture, and used for entertainment. Once writing became popular, poetry became less popular. Once newspapers became popular, poetry didn't have to pass along news. Luckily, as technology emerged, so did music. However, during the early to mid-1900s, poetry became less popular once again. Newspapers, radio, and television took over our leisure while poetry sat in the back burner.

Until one day, a new genre of poetry began to emerge.

In 1987, the "Poetry Revolution" began. It all started with the transformation of media used to pass along poetic verse and the emergence of slam poetry.

Before the revolution, poetry was published mainly in just books and magazines. However, with the growth of slam poetry, teenagers, cafes and others have jumped on the bandwagon to change poetry forever.

When slam poetry began in the 1970s, it was mostly made up of a few friends who had gotten together to share their poetry and speak their mind. However in 1987 the Green Mill became the eminent place in Chicago for poetry, it all changed.

Audience participation was a growing phenomenon. With slam poetry meetings, poets could stand on stage and speak their mind through poetry all while the audience reacts to their every word. With the knowing of others who felt the same, poets and audiences began flooding to the Green Mill. Soon, slam poetry spread nationwide.

Slam poetry was just the beginning of the "Poetry Revolution." With slam poetry in mind, audio tapes and CDs of poetry readings started being recorded and sold worldwide.

As well, as the internet began to spread, poetry came along for the ride. Websites by poets around the world started popping up right after another and soon, forums and other online discussion groups were organized bringing poets and their poetry together to be heard around the world.

Today, teenagers have grown to love slam poetry and have begun their own discussion groups among friends. With that in mind, the "Poetry Revolution" has only just began.

The internet has given teens and adults alike the opportunity to show the world their writing and has given them a new place to discuss and criticize each others works.

In the future, poetry will be even easier to upload. Phones will be able to upload text quickly and accurately to websites, slam poetry will be uploaded instantly, and criticism will be given without hesitation.