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37 Ways to Write Poetry

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Poetry

Whether you write about lobsters or your love life, you have probably gotten tired of the style of writing you've been working with or you simply want to write better. Why not try something new? This list of 37 different ways to write your poetry is here to help you. And if you don't like it, simply check out our list of different poetry styles for a comprehensive list of poetry types to try.

Ok, I'm done sounding like a salesman. However, I know exactly what not knowing what to write about feels like. I live it almost every single day. However, I tend to solve my condition rather quickly when I look through this list. Not only does it help give me ideas, but it also helps as a refresher for what I should and shouldn't do while writing poetry.

Why not try it for your self? Read this list if you want some new ideas for your next poem.

Ways to write good poetry

1. Have your syllables, words and stanzas flow. There's a variety of ways to do this; however, the most commony is by using a meter scheme.
2. Start a new stanza when a change of idea, rhythm, or rhyme occurs.
3. Create natural rhymes. Don't force them. Let your rhymes seem natural.
4. Do not rhyme. Struggling to find the perfect rhyme is sometimes difficult and sometimes rhymes take away from the overall meaning of a poem. Try to write without them for a change.
5. Create emotion. Every poem should have emotion, so use it!
6. Say nothing more than what needs to be said. Sometimes saying less is more.
7. Write about life. Write about your own experiences or something that has happened to someone close to you.
8. Write about nature. It's one of the most beautiful things in the world.
9. Give details. Details help people gain better imagery of your characters and scenery.
10. Don't be shy to write something personal. If you don't want to share it, don't. If you do want to share it, you can simply use a pen-name.
11. Study and imitate other poets. The best way to become a better poet is by studying other people's writings.
12. Try different styles.
13. Variate your words. Don't always use the same words over and over. Change them up!
14. Write about a controversial subject.
15. Tell a story.
16. Write a song.
17. Use a thesaurus.
18. Try different types of meter rhymes.
19. Try different types of vowel rhymes.

Use elements of poetry

20. Use metaphors.
21. Use similes.
22. Use assonance.
23. Use onomatopoeias.
24. Use alliteration.

Use the five senses

25. Create a sense of smell.
26. Create a sense of taste.
27. Create an image.
28. Create sound.
29. Create touch.

Ways to write bad poetry

30. Write about a boy or girl who you like but likes another girl who likes some other guy that likes you but you don't like him.
31. Try to rhyme every sentence.
32. Try to rhyme words just for the sake of rhyming them.
33. Write a three line poem, regardless of how many syllables or words are used, and claim it as Haiku.
34. Write a four line poem and claim it as Haiku.
35. Write a story but make a new line after every sentence.
36. Write a poem and don't create lines or stanzas.
37. Write about an honor you received that no one else cares about.