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Accepting Writing Criticism and Learning From It

By Gary R. Hess. Category: Writing

We have all been criticized sometime or another. As a writer, it is something to be expected. Every paragraph, every sentence, every word is and should be criticized. We just need to know how to benefit from the criticism and learn the difference between constructive criticism and bashing. Although, even some well-known authors are often bashed within the media.

Something important to remember is that bad criticism should not be frowned upon. Always take into account suggestions from your readers. If they don't like a certain segment of your work don't worry. The criticism should not upset you but it should make you a better writer.

If someone suggests that a sentence or line is out of place, take it into account and look it over a few times. Read it to yourself and then out loud. Hopefully they have made a suggestion as to what to replace it with but if not just think of something and replace it and see if you like it any better. It doesn't hurt to edit your work and then edit your work again. Whatever it takes is what we as writers have to do.

If the suggestion is not of high-quality, don't worry. This happens many times. People will read your work and think they know what is better for it. Do not scream and yell or throw a big fit, just take the advice and throw it out the window. It's better to have people commenting on it, because it means someone is actually reading your work. The more you complain, the less people will read it.

The same goes for bashing. If someone is bashing your work don't fret. This kind of thing happens all the time. Most of them just want to get under your skin to see if they can or not.

When someone bashes your work it either means they don't care about it or they are too immature and can't help you out anyway. So just move on and wait until someone comes along and gives better advice.

Constructive criticism is the only thing you need to listen to. Just be sure to not take it the wrong way. Listen to it and take suggestions on how to better your work. Do not let all the other stuff people say bother you. This is your work and you wrote it for yourself.

Take it easy and do what you think is right, but don't ever quit writing!