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To Betty by Gary R. Hess

You can read the back story and a love poem about the situation in the poem by the same name, "To Betty." It was a hard decision at the time, but the break up was all for the best. We were together for almost five years, but we weren't always "together". We would have to leave for long periods at a time and even when we were near, we would be distant from each other for the majority of the relationship, if you even want to call it a relationship. This is why the break up was for the best. It wasn't going anywhere.


Category: Break up

To Betty

For many years I've begged
For many years I've come to a loss
It was wrong but I wasn't always right
The past ends here--and maybe our future

I hate what I've become
The sacrifices I've made have helped no one
Not you and definitely not me
Life is passing by and I have nothing to show

For it to come to this is my mistake
I made the choices, I've made the sacrifices
But what did you give--love? Maybe, for a while
So many years have passed with nothing but hope

What do we do? Stay on course? Change?
Or do we STOP?

Written January 29, 2010

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