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Break Up Quotations By Famous People

A break up quote

Dealing with the pain of a break up seems to be a world past-time. Almost everyone has gone through at least one horrible one in their life. Below are a few great break up quotes by famous people who speak about their own personal experiences with a sad and broken heart.

Breaking up is part of life, but we shouldn't let it control it.
Barbara Willington
Knowing when it is over is the beginning of a new life and the end of an old one.
Michael Penn
Feeling hurt and lonely after a break up is natural. Spend time with family and friends to help ease the feeling.
Dr. Sigmund Hess
Getting out of a horrible relationship is not only good for the mind but it is also good for the soul.
Simon Wash
It is better to end a relationship too early than too late. You will never get the days, weeks, and years spent with someone you don't truly love back.
Jennifer Wallace
I hate you! I never want to see you again!
Peter Front
Thinking about someone else and wanting to be with someone else is enough reason to end your relationship.
William Time
Love only lasts as long as you let it. It is a state of mind and a state of being. If you don't have it, break up.
Jerry Towers
Moving on after a break up is a great way to get back on your feet and start feeling happy again.
Thomas Shields
Feeling positive about your break up isn't a terrible thing. Never feel bad for making the right decision.
Taylor Cummings
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