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Konishi Raizan

Konishi Raizan (1654-1716) was a famous haiku poet of the Genroku period (1688-1704).

Short Biography

Konishi Raizan was born in Osaka, Japan. His father sold medicinal herbs, but died when Raizan was only nine-years old. At age 7, he became in contact with his first haiku and at age 25, met his mentor Saikaku and studied with Nishiyama Soin.

Raizan married his first wife when he was 51, although she died just three years later. He married again at age 57 and had two sons with the eldest dying at one-year old.

Haiku by Raizan

  • You rice-field maidens!
  • The only things not muddy
  • Are the songs you sing.
  • New Year's Day -
  • the sound of water
  • from a creek
  • spring breeze -
  • over the riverbank
  • the voices of cows

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