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Shigenobu Takayanagi

Shigenobu Takayanagi (1923-) is a modern Avant-garde haiku poet, known for breaking away from conventional haiku form.

Haiku by Shigenobu Takayanagi

  • They resemble stakes
  • gravestones
  • standing there in rows
  • as though hammered in.
  • Ashes are falling
  • In a tavern on a hill
  • firewood burns up its body.
  • A rainbow's body bent backward
  • at its summit
  • a hanging gallows.
  • Growing old
  • and lunatic
  • in a swamp
  • a serpent
  • blossoms with a red flower.
  • Hear a war drum sound
  • and desolately
  • on autumn
  • become a bruisemark.
  • Where sea
  • waves surge forward at
  • a river's mouth
  • sickness is
  • in a young bat lying there.

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