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Best Friends by Gary R. Hess

This poem was written about what a true best friend is to me. I went through a series of friendships which didn't last very long. Often, they wouldn't stand up for me or wouldn't contact me. I was the one who had to initiate conversations and keep in touch. Actually, ever since I decided not to contact them first, I haven't heard from them. Sure, they are on my Facebook, but there are no messages from them.

That's life. Anyway, this poem is what a best friend should be. I hope you have someone like this in your life to help you get through your tough times.


Category: Friendship

"Best Friends"

Friends that watch your back
Friends that play with your heart
All act the same from the start
Before you know it, some disappear
Others stay beside you for life
Those are the friends
The best friends


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