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Just Friends by Gary R. Hess

This poem was about a girl I met and fell for. We were good friends, but I wanted more than friendship. I wanted to be with her. I wanted an actual relationship.

I'm sure you have been through the same thing in your own life. This is my story.


Category: Friendship

"Just Friends"

Even though we are not together
I care about you more than ever
When we talk I feel so close to you
I don't know what I'm supposed to do

I have almost forgotten what you did to me
I was hurting in every part of me
I was sad knowing this is how it came to be
But now I am happy that you are there for me

I gave you my tears
I gave you my heart
You made me happy
Right from the start

When I write this now
I start to think
How happy you make me
For you and only you I must thank


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