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Love or Friendship by Gary R. Hess

Often times there are friendships where we don't know exactly what the relationship status is. Does this person love me as a friend or is it something more than that?

This poem in particular was about a girl I was friends with as a teenager. We talked almost every day. We helped each other in whatever way we could. Sometimes, it felt like we were together--that we were a couple. Sadly, we weren't. And our friendship ended a few months after these feelings surfaced.


Category: Friendship

"Love or Friendship"

What do you want from me?
Do you want my love?
Or do you want my friendship?

You confuse me through what you say
You say you love me
But don't seem to care

Why don't we just be friends?
Nothing more
Nothing less

Perhaps you still have feelings for me
But why don't you show them?
Why must you hurt me this way?

I still love you
But I just want to know
Do you feel the same?


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