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Torn by Gary R. Hess

This poem talks about two separate friends during the same time in my life. They both said they love me. However, one said I was too good for her while the other stated she didn't know why she loved me, she just did.

Other events obviously happened at the same period. And looking back, "love" was simply an excuse for ways to hurt me or get what they wanted. However, I was a young man, confused and wanting more out of life.


Category: Friendship


I am torn between two people
Both from different worlds

Things were going just fine
Until just a moment ago
They fought and lied
All because of me

One thinks I am too good for her
But I think just the opposite
She needs someone close and dear
Someone who is near

The other loves me and I don't know why
She was just a friend and nothing more
Until one day I crossed her mind

I don't know what to be
I am confused and in pain
My mind is jungled with thoughts of hurt
Thoughts of vain
And thoughts of love


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