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Funny Quotes From Everybody Loves Raymond

Everybody Love Raymond was the best show on television during it's reign. Today, it can be seen in syndication on a good amount of channels. I was never that big of a fan of Debra, even though I could see where she was coming from in her nightly yellings at Ray. My favorite character was definitely Frank. Not only because he does make a lot of sense, but because of the actor. He was Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein. I love that movie!

The following are some great funny quotes from the show.

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No, I didn't rupture my booty... one time I did sprain my groove thing.
Debra in High School
Whatever my wife touches falls off, so you can imagine how worried I am.
Ray, "Getting Even"
Sorry, Frankenstein's house of tooth decay is closed.
Frank, "Halloween Candy"
Zero serving zero... Ray can kiss my rear-o!
Frank, "Ping Pong"
I just kissed you, rubbed your chest, kissed you again in an impure manner -- you never took your eyes off the TV! Ten years ago all I had to do was be awake... sometimes not even that!
I discovered it when I was drawing genitals on your foosball trophies.
You are a mental case.
This apartment desperately needs my decorative taste.
Men don't like to cuddle. We only like it if it leads to... you know... lower cuddling.
Uhh. It smells like a skunk that came out of the ass of another skunk.