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Funny Quotes From My Name is Earl

My Name is Earl was a popular comedy television series in the USA for its entire series run. The show helped bring about a new brand of series in the United States which featured narratives and not simply character associations to create a plot. The show was so successful that after the series ended, several of the actors went on to have fantastic careers, including the lead role.

Below are a few of the funny quotes from the TV show.

Yeah, I like him. The guy with the green panty hose, right? I like his little hummingbird girlfriend, Tinkerbell. She gets so jealous.
Randy Hickey in Stole P's HD Cart
If you snatch enough purses, you learn a few things about Mace.
Earl Hickey in Pilot
Ain't no use running, fool! I know where your mama parks your house!
Earl Hickey in Pilot
I'm going to use this for hassling white people to make up for three hundred years of racial injustice. Or maybe I'll just use it for Halloween.
Darnell in Stole a Badge
Every time I walk out of my front door I win a beauty contest.
Joy Darville in Broke Joy's Fancy Figurine
I hope you get nut cancer.
Joy Darville in Joy's Wedding
Karma is a funny thing.
the Tagline.
Hey, Crabman!
This one's guaranteed only to have been worn 8 times.
Earl, while him and Joy shop at the Irregular Wedding Dress Sale.