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Hilarious SEO Quotations

Being an SEO has a lot of advantages. You can generally make your own hours, make some nice cash, and work from home. These funny quotes listed below are from some famous SEOs in the industry. I hope you enjoy them.

Even if you don't grasp any of the math and only have a half a clue of what it's all about, don't worry. At least by reading it, you may never understand what it is or what it does: But Garcia certainly emphasizes what it isn't.
Mike Grehan
I don't enjoy Rand because he is physically attractive (though he is, I'm not blind), I enjoy his presence because there's something very endearing about a passionate dork who plays with transformers.
Lisa Barone
One time while my wife was a resident we attended some work shindig for her… one of her asshole staff doctors asked me what I did. I said that I made websites. He kind of snickered and said ohh can you make any money at that? I said, "well while sleeping tonight I will probably make more then you will working all week"
Jeremy Shoemaker
I would hire Rand look-alikes and use them for a high-class escort service. Of course, I would need to keep Rand on for 3 to 6 months, as part of his agreement to sell SEOmoz, so that he can train the Rand look-alikes.
Barry Schwartz's response to "What Would You Do If You Inhereited SEOmoz?"
can you imagine all the open dns servers attacking google.. what would happen then, google blocks them and any sites that those servers are the primary dns for get lost in the Dark pit of G-supermentals
I'm not sure which part of this picture is most disturbing.
Greywolf, on picture of Paris Hilton
Next time you think of your fearless leader or the war on drugs I would like to remind you of the day he fears he has to live without "Coke." - refreshing to the last snort.
Aaron Wall, on George W. Bush
Google started this whole link popularity game but now they want to take their ball and go home.
Greg Boser
I write stuff.... And I accept payment in lattes.
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