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Funny Quotes About Soccer (Football)

Soccer is the single most popular sport played and watched in the world. Even though it's not one of the major sports in the United States, it is still one of the most played. Kids around the world love it. You love it. I love it. What's not fun about kicking a ball around?

Here are some hilarious quotations about soccer (football as what it is called in most parts of the world). I hope you enjoy them.

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Football is a game in which a handful of fit men run around for one and a half hours watched by millions of people who could really use the exercise.
Five days shalt thou labour, as the Bible says. The seventh day is the Lord thy God's. The sixth day is for football.
Anthony Burgess
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Football is the opera of the people.
Stafford Heginbotham
Soccer is not about justice. It's a drama - and criminally wrong decisions against you are part and parcel of that.
Pete Davies
I think football would become an even better game if someone could invent a ball that kicks back.
Eric Morecambe
Never go for a 50-50 ball unless you're 80-20 sure of winning it.
Ian Darke
If it had gone in, it would have been a goal.
Barry Davies
What a debut for the young goalkeeper, as a striker.
Peter Drury
The Italians are hoping for an Italian victory.
David Coleman
30 minutes to go, and it's still 1-0 apiece.
A commentator