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Funny Quotes From Will and Grace

Will and Grace was one of the top comedies on television during its hay day. It was controversial, heart-warming, and loving. What was funniest about the show is that many viewers watched the show for years upon years yet thought that the show would end with Will and Grace getting married and falling in love. Of course, Will is homosexual and has no attraction to women. I guess they didn't think about that too much.

Below are some of the best funny quotes from the series Will and Grace.

I'm not good or real... I'm evil, and imaginary.
I'd rather be a fag than afraid.
Jack to Will
Oh my god! What if we got trapped up here? Who would we eat first?
Honey, I don't need your man. I got George Clooney.
Will to Grace, "The Pilot (Love & Marriage)"
Hmm, that's strange, this bread seems to be as hard as our answering machine.
Will, "Saving Grace, Again (2)"
I'm gay. We love bras, right?
Owen, "A Chorus Lie"
How can I walk away from this? It's huge! It's a hotel. It's five houses in Monopoly.
Grace, "Kiss & Tell (2)"
Well, you always were very fond of the nursery rhyme, Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Men In A Tub!
Judith to Jack, "Homo for the Holidays"
Ok, it's 10:00 and no Cher. Unless you can turn back time, I'm very, very angry.
Jack, "Das Boob"
Gay ferrets to the waiting area. Gay ferrets to the waiting area.
Will (as if speaking over a PA system), "The Hospital Show"
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