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Secret Garden by Gary R. Hess

This love poem along with "If I Were a King" and "Love" were written about a tough period in my life. It wasn't exactly horrible, other than being away from her. Nonetheless, she didn't exactly come to the rescue how I wished.


Category: Love

Secret Garden

Waiting for the time to get away
To get away from everything
Heartbreaks, hatred, and illusions
Making my world decay

I need you to help me
To look me in the eyes and say
Everything is going to be ok

Hug me and hold me tight
Till the time is right
To take me to our secret place

The garden where it happens
Not too far from here
Where Dreams come true
Where all I need is you

We have what it takes
To make it there
To spend the rest of life
Together, alone

Written August 13, 2007

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