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The Sacred Fruit by Gary R. Hess

This love poem is about a young woman who was raped when she was younger. However, we spent a lot of time together. All I hoped was that I could make her feel better. That, and of course, I loved her.


Category: Love

The Sacred Fruit

The sacred fruit of your soul was lost
Taken unrightfully, stolen
It hurt immensely

You shared the holiness with others
To rid the raunch treachery

Then met a man who treated you horribly
Abused you, hit you, took control of you

I came and pleased you
Treated you well, made you happy
Shared our thoughts
Entered each others minds

We talked about memories
Things we had
Things we want
What we need

We laughed

The love we had
The love we have
I want to be with you till the end
I want to give you my fruit
And share my wine

Written October 4, 2003

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