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Beauty by Gary R. Hess

It may not be the best poem, especially in comparison to such a great image, but the meaning is still the same: what is underneath the skin is far more important than what is on it.

So this leads to the question, why does the human sexuality lead us to outside beauty and not within? Yes, many of us try to go for both, but in most cases our first instinct is to look outward. When we are at a club, which girl/guy do we go to? The one we find most physically attractive.

Isn't this counter-intelligent design? Although beauty is just the most average, wouldn't it be better for us as a race for intelligent to mate intelligent, kind with kind, etc.? Or would that just lead to too many devil children (since that would leave evil with evil)?

Poetic Images: Beauty


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Beauty is not but skin deep,
what you have is what you keep.
Cosmetics and surgery
change the dermis,
not inner grace.

We are born who we are
and beauty is within.


Written July 31, 2008

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