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Prejudice by Gary R. Hess

The other poem titled One Race obviously focuses purely on race. This poem, however, focuses on religion. The fact is, most people are the religion of their parents. And those who aren't simply picked up a religion because they were exposed to it.

Here's an example: how much do you know about Taoism? I'm sure you don't know much unless you recently finished a world's religion course. However, taoists knew the religion since they were born and for most of them, that's all they know. Does that make their religion superior to Christianity or Islam? No, of course not. But that's what they believe because that's all they know. And for many christians and muslims, they think the same about their religion. It's ridiculous.


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Different religions
Common beliefs
Looked at differently

Only Allah not called God
God not called Guru

Some are different
But still praying
Still holy

Looked down upon
Because of generality


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