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100 Miles Quotes

100 Miles is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . 100 Miles completed its run in 1970.

It features Mustafa Abbas as producer, and Khaldoun Haddad in charge of musical score.

100 Miles is recorded in English and originally aired in United Arab Emirates. Each episode of 100 Miles is 26 minutes long.

The cast includes: Mahmood Arjumand as Miles, Qais Rabi as Rivers, Mustafa Abbas as Shane, and Mohammed Rabi as Ted.

100 Miles Quotes

Mahmood Arjumand as Miles

  • (Mahmood Arjumand) "I gotta return the piece you guys gave me."
  • (Mustafa Abbas) "Yeah."
  • (Mahmood Arjumand) "What about the girl?"
  • (Qais Rabi) "What about her?"
  • (Mahmood Arjumand) "Did you -- Did you?"
  • (Qais Rabi) "Oh, Heaven's, no. We need her for a while. Money transfers can be a bitch sometimes, huh, Shane?"
  • (Mustafa Abbas) "Yep."
  • (Mahmood Arjumand) "What have you done with her?"
  • (Qais Rabi) "We're holding her in a safe deposit box until the money comes through. Truly an upside-down situation. She's in my warehouse with Mr. Clemens. He's taking good care of her."

Mohammed Rabi as Ted

  • (Mohammed Rabi) "You wanna hurt me, Miles?"
  • (Mahmood Arjumand) "Stop acting smart."
  • (Mohammed Rabi) "You wanna hurt me, right?"
  • (Mahmood Arjumand) "I wanna do the right thing."
  • (Mohammed Rabi) "The right thing. What's that like? Kidnapping a guy while he's at work, tying his hands and legs and placing him in a shower tray? Well, if that's the right thing, then you have f***ing aced it, my friend."
  • (Mohammed Rabi) "I said, motherf***er if you want publicity, call the cops and have them circle the house, reporters will crawl all over the place like cockroaches. You'll be on TV. A star."
  • (Mahmood Arjumand) "That's one choice. To be popular. But that one only lasts 24 hours."
  • (Mohammed Rabi) "Better plan, Einstein?"
  • (Mohammed Rabi) "Why Miles McManus Jr, idle minds are definitely the devil's workshop. Looks like you two made a great f***ing deal. I never hurt you in my life. What are you gonna do keep me here forever? Since you're not gonna shoot me, I'll scream for help."
  • (Mahmood Arjumand) "No, you won't."
  • (Mohammed Rabi) "What makes you so sure?"
  • (Mahmood Arjumand) "Your blood on my gun. I'll swell your million dollar face so bad you'll have to walk around with a paper bag on your head for the rest of your life. Your image will be gone. People will stare at you like a freak. Forever."
  • (Mohammed Rabi) "We were jerks. We were. But never to you."
  • (Mahmood Arjumand) "No, not in front of me."
  • (Mohammed Rabi) "So f***in' what if we made fun of you behind your back, huh? What the f*** do you care? You didn't hear them or about them. We didn't spread rumors, we kept them all to ourselves, private f***in' jokes. None of your business."
  • (Mahmood Arjumand) "You think I'm doin' this to be popular, right, Ted?"
  • (Mohammed Rabi) "Well, I don't think you have many reasons, no. You're a loser, and you'll die a loser. Kill me and/or f*** my face up, win the lottery, get married to Cindy f***in' Crawford, brother, you will always be a loser. Even long after you're gone. The problem is no one will remember your name or what you looked like. I guess that pretty much makes you vapor, McManus. That's how much of a waste of f***in' air you are."

Qais Rabi as Rivers

  • (Qais Rabi) "My money. Mine."

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