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12 Men of Christmas Quotes

12 Men of Christmas is a television program that appeared on TV in 2009 on Lifetime (TV network). 12 Men of Christmas stopped airing in 1970.

It features Lisa Demberg as producer, David Nessim Lawrence as theme composer, and Peter Benison as head of cinematography.

12 Men of Christmas is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 12 Men of Christmas is 95 minutes long. 12 Men of Christmas is produced by Fox Television Studios.

The cast includes: Josh Hopkins as Will Albrecht, Kristin Chenoweth as E.J. Baxter, Stephen Huszar as Jason Farrar, Jessie Pavelka as Henry Diepeveen, Anna Chlumsky as Jan Lucas, and Jefferson Brown as Eric.

12 Men of Christmas Quotes

Anna Chlumsky as Jan Lucas

  • (Anna Chlumsky) "Hey, Eric."
  • (Jefferson Brown) "Hey, Jan. Hey, E.J --"
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Hey."
  • (Jefferson Brown) "Uh, we had some extra Kalispell calendars down at the bank, and I though before we trash them, maybe you could use them here at the tourist board."
  • (Anna Chlumsky) "Sure."
  • (Jefferson Brown) "Great. So, E.J., uh, how are you settling in? If there's anything you need -- moving stuff, or, whatnot --"
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Thank you. You're all so friendly here. Do you all know each other, or are you just members of the same cult?"
  • (Jefferson Brown) "No, we; we just try to be nice."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Weird."
  • (Anna Chlumsky) "I'm taking E.J. out for drinks later on, maybe you'd like to join us?"
  • (Jefferson Brown) "I would; oh, I mean I would. We got a squad meeting down at the rescue station."
  • (Anna Chlumsky) "No biggie. We'll do it another time."
  • (Jefferson Brown) "Yeah, absolutely. Another time."
  • (Anna Chlumsky) "Thanks for the calendars."
  • (Jefferson Brown) "Oh, right. Yeah. So, have a great day. Bye."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Bye."

Stephen Huszar as Jason Farrar

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Josh Hopkins as Will Albrecht

  • (Josh Hopkins) "Well, Ms. Baxter."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Mr. Albrecht."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "How 'bout that? We actually have something in common. We both go to the post office on Saturdays."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Hm. I imagine a lot of people do."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Yeah, well, I'm sure you're right. Enjoying your day?"
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Hm. Just doing errands."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Me too."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "You'll be surprised to know that I haven't gotten lost once yet today."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Well, it's not even noon yet, so -- Yeah, Saturday mornings are all about errands for me, but then I always head to this little brunch place down the block."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Nice."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Yeah. It's real nice. It's got great food."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Mmm. You enjoy yourself. Oh, do you know where the nearest Kinko's is? I never had a need to look before, but now since that calendar's actually happening, Jan and I can't do all the copying by ourselves. So --"
  • (Josh Hopkins) "We don't have a Kinko's."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "No Kinko's?"
  • (Josh Hopkins) "No Kinko's."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "How can that be? I thought there was a law that said there had to be a Kinko's on every corner, next to a Gap."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "We don't have a Gap either."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "That's not even funny."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "But, I think there's one in Billings."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Well, I don't know where that is, but I need to go there. How close is it?"
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Oh, it's not too bad. About ten hours, depending on the road conditions. Ain't it awful?"
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Mm. I'm not gonna be here forever, so don't worry."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Oh, yeah, well, I'll try not to sweat it."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "You know what? Just because I have a different way of doing things, doesn't make it wrong. It just makes it different. I get that you don't think I belong here. You have zero respect for what I'm trying to do, but you know what? I don't care. Not even remotely. And I get that you think that I act like I landed on the moon, but you don't have to tell me that because for the past six months, I felt like I've been living on another planet. So for the future, let's be polite and agree we disagree and leave it at that, shall we?"
  • (Josh Hopkins) "What did I expect, you know, this calendar's making everybody nuts."
  • (Jefferson Brown) "Did you hear what Jan did to Bob? She caught him eating a doughnut, she grabs it out of his hands and says, "The idea is to sell the calendars." I don't know. Jan's never been so bossy before."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Well, she's never hung around with E.J. before."
  • (Jefferson Brown) "I'm thinking of asking Jan out."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Well, now, I mean, if you know what you're getting yourself into. Just don't expect her to act any different once E.J. leaves town. Of course, if Jan doesn't go with her."
  • (Jefferson Brown) "You're probably right. Anyway, it was just an idea."

Jessie Pavelka as Henry Diepeveen

  • (Jessie Pavelka) "E.J., you did not have to do this."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Well, it's my way of saying thank you, Henry. I would've never gotten Rick without your help."
  • (Jessie Pavelka) "Well, thank you. I appreciate it."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Just don't eat too many before the shoot. Uh, so as far as convincing Andy and Jim. I know they're brothers, so I was thinking of taking them to dinner and --"
  • (Jessie Pavelka) "Together?"
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Yes."
  • (Jessie Pavelka) "Trust me. You do not want to do that."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Why don't I?"
  • (Jessie Pavelka) "Because they're not gonna listen. They're gonna spend the whole time trying see which one's gonna get the waitress's phone number."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Have they always been like that?"
  • (Jessie Pavelka) "Ever since Little League. When they were on the same team, they would strike out every time, but when they were playing against each other, suddenly they were hitting grand slams."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "I think I can work with that, but just in case they still won't pose, do you think you could threaten to arrest them?"
  • (Jessie Pavelka) "I can't do that."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Club them into submission?"
  • (Jessie Pavelka) "Sorry."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Stun gun?"
  • (Jessie Pavelka) "Not gonna happen."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Yeah, well, it's worth a shot."

Kristin Chenoweth as E.J. Baxter

  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Oh, good morning, Mr. Albrecht. Can I get you some coffee?"
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Uh, no thank you. Um, I just came by to tell you --"
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "I'm glad you did. I don't think we should waste anymore time. You know, I realized before I left --"
  • (Josh Hopkins) "The squad voted 'no'. But, uh, thank you for thinking of us."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "What do you mean "no?""
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Well, we're funded through the county's inte --"
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "In this economy, you're going to be waiting a long time --"
  • (Josh Hopkins) "I know that. Which is why we supplement our fundraising with --"
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Pancake breakfasts? Bake sales? Even if the entire state of Montana had a bake sale, you still wouldn't raise enough money to; I'm sorry. Don't you want new equipment?"
  • (Josh Hopkins) "What I don't want is to make a joke of the rescue squad."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Well, then explain something to me, because I'm obviously missing something."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Yes, obviously."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "Okay, so you don't mind being naked, but you won't pose even partially covered, to raise money for something you 'profess' to believe in?"
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Why is this so important to you?"
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "I was brought here to lure corporate retreats. People aren't going to spend money where they don't feel safe."
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Oh, so you're doing this for purely altruistic reasons? To help people you'll never see or think about again, as soon as you can get out of here. With no thought whatsoever on how this can benefit your own career."
  • (Kristin Chenoweth) "That is so unfair on so many levels. You're saying it's bad if I look good?"
  • (Josh Hopkins) "Shh. People will hear you. You might get knocked off your pedestal."

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