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1900 (film) Quotes

1900 (film) is a television show that first aired in 1970 . 1900 ended in 1970.

It features Alberto Grimaldi as producer, Ennio Morricone in charge of musical score, and Vittorio Storaro as head of cinematography.

1900 (film) is recorded in Italian and originally aired in Italy. Each episode of 1900 (film) is 317 minutes long. 1900 (film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox (Italy and UK).

The cast includes: Gérard Depardieu as Olmo Dalco, Donald Sutherland as Attila Mellanchini, Laura Betti as Regina, Robert De Niro as Alfredo Berlinghieri, Stefania Casini as Neve, Anna Henkel-Grönemeyer as Anita, Clara Colosimo as Man, Romolo Valli as Giovanni Berlinghieri, Sterling Hayden as Leo Dalcò, and Bianca Magliacca as Peasant.

1900 (film) Quotes

Donald Sutherland as Attila Mellanchini

  • (Donald Sutherland) "All of you back to work."
  • (Ada Fiastri Paulhan) "Oh, look ladies, it's the rooster, come to shepherd the hens again. Cluck, rooster, cluck."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "That's not a p*****cat, that's a communist."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Never bite the hand that feeds you. As long you need to be fed."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Signor Alfredo, together we salute you and your bride."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Get off the table."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "You're not allowed in here."
  • (Gérard Depardieu) "Get away."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "You don't learn easy, do you boy? You don't listen, do you?"
  • (Gérard Depardieu) "Get away."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "You've been told a hundred times you're not allowed in here."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Don't you push me. Somebody's gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget."
  • (Donald Sutherland) "Alfredo Berlinghieri, you, and all parasites, will pay the bill for the Fascist revolution. And the bill will not be cheap. The bill will not be cheap. Everybody will pay. Everybody, rich and poor, gentry and peasant, they will pay with money and land and bread and cows and cheese and blood and s***."

Romolo Valli as Giovanni Berlinghieri

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Robert De Niro as Alfredo Berlinghieri

  • (Ada Fiastri Paulhan) "Merry Christmas."
  • (Robert De Niro) "You know how long I've been looking for you?"
  • (Ada Fiastri Paulhan) "Signora Berlinghieri can no longer drink at home because the wine is locked away. She can no longer drink is smart cafes because her husband has given orders against it. So she drinks in taverns."
  • (Robert De Niro) "I'm going to have you locked up in an asylum."
  • (Ada Fiastri Paulhan) "I can drink here. I can even fall under the table. Nobody sees me anyway."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Get up from there. Get up. You look disgusting. Your face is all swollen from the alcohol, you stink. Get up."
  • (Ada Fiastri Paulhan) "Do I disgust you too? Am I swollen? Do I stink?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "My grandfather hanged himself in here, you know."
  • (Robert De Niro) "The Padrone's alive."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Long live Stalin."
  • (Robert De Niro) "I'm sorry, I don't know what's the matter with me. I don't know, I'm not feeling well, I think I have a heart condition."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Feel my heart."
  • (Gérard Depardieu) "What heart? You're just sick in the head."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Maybe you're right. I don't know, I'm going crazy. Ada's gone and I can't find her."
  • (Gérard Depardieu) "And you come looking for her in my bed?"
  • (Ada Fiastri Paulhan) "They are all related?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Yes. A whole family of Dalco's. They've been working this land for generations."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Where's my father's gun?"
  • (Gérard Depardieu) "I have hidden it."
  • (Robert De Niro) "You'd better be careful. If you don't use it, it gets rusty."
  • (Robert De Niro) "You slut. You like fooling around with everyone. Even Olmo."
  • (Ada Fiastri Paulhan) "Olmo? What an imagination."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Is it my imagination to have seen you together? That I've seen you with him before? Is it my imagination that I smell him on you?"
  • (Ada Fiastri Paulhan) "You think Olmo would have anything to do with the wife of a fascist ?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Fascist? I am not a fascist. If you call me that again I will kill you. If I see you with him again I will kill you."

Gérard Depardieu as Olmo Dalco

  • (Gérard Depardieu) "This is my bride-trap."
  • (Ada Fiastri Paulhan) "Have you caught any brides?"
  • (Gérard Depardieu) "You're the first one."
  • (Ada Fiastri Paulhan) "I love the smell of earth."
  • (Gérard Depardieu) "That's dried s***."
  • (Gérard Depardieu) "All those years in jail for nothing."

Laura Betti as Regina

  • (Laura Betti) "Can you show no pity?"

Clara Colosimo as Man

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Sterling Hayden as Leo Dalcò

  • (Sterling Hayden) "You are a lucky boy, Olmo. You are."
  • (Olmo as a Child) "Why?"
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Why? It took me 73 years to see an landlord working."
  • (Sterling Hayden) "Maybe the truth is that when a man does nothing all his life, it leaves him too much time to think. And thinking too much makes him -- makes him stupid."

Stefania Casini as Neve

  • (Stefania Casini) "Fighting eh? Lucky you. I guess you love each other."

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