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1941 (film) Quotes

1941 (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . 1941 completed its run in 1970.

It features Buzz Feitshans as producer, John Williams in charge of musical score, and William A. Fraker as head of cinematography.

1941 (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 1941 (film) is 118 minutes long. 1941 (film) is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Joe Flaherty as Raoul Lipschitz, Dan Aykroyd as Sergeant Frank Tree, Slim Pickens as Hollis P. Wood, Robert Stack as General Joseph W. Stilwell, Warren Oates as Colonel "Madman" Maddox, Bobby Di Cicco as Wally Stephens, John Belushi as Captain Wild Bill Kelso, Elisha Cook Jr. as The Patron, Murray Hamilton as Claude Crumn, Nancy Allen as Donna Stratton, Tim Matheson as Captain Loomis Birkhead, Frank McRae as Pvt. Ogden Johnson Jones, Lucille Benson as Gas Mama, Ned Beatty as Ward Douglas, Christopher Lee as Captain Wolfgang von Kleinschmidt, Dianne Kay as Betty Douglas, Patti LuPone as Lydia Hedberg, Perry Lang as Dennis DeSoto, Michael McKean as Willy, and David Lander as Joe.

1941 (film) Quotes

Dianne Kay as Betty Douglas

  • (Dianne Kay) "Wally."

Bobby Di Cicco as Wally Stephens

  • (Bobby Di Cicco) "Let's KNOCK OUT THESE LIGHTS."
  • (Bobby Di Cicco) "I'm gonna be there at 8:00 in front of the Crystal Ballroom. I'll meet you there."
  • (Ned Beatty) "No, you won't."
  • (Bobby Di Cicco) "Yes, I will."
  • (Patti LuPone) "No, you won't."
  • (Bobby Di Cicco) "Yes, I will."
  • (Cpl. Chuck 'Stretch' Sitarski) "No, you won't."
  • (Bobby Di Cicco) "You."
  • (Cpl. Chuck 'Stretch' Sitarski) "YOU."
  • (Ned Beatty) "You."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "You -- have a serious wardrobe problem, kid."
  • (Bobby Di Cicco) "I know I can't beat you in a fair fight."
  • (Cpl. Chuck 'Stretch' Sitarski) "Stupid, I don't fight fair."
  • (Bobby Di Cicco) "Neither do I."
  • (Bobby Di Cicco) "I've learned a very important lesson today. I'll never shop east of Beverly Hills."

Dan Aykroyd as Sergeant Frank Tree

  • (Dan Aykroyd) "Look at Santy Claus; isn't he cute?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "You think the Japanese believe in Santy Claus?"
  • (Unnamed) "No."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "Well, instead of turkey for your Christmas dinner, how would you like to have raw fish heads and rice?"
  • (Unnamed) "No."
  • (Private Foley) "Now Sarge, what is the loading and firing procedure for the 75-millimeter cannon?"
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "There are five basic components --"
  • (Private Foley) "This is it, pay attention."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "-- to the new General Electric refrigerator: one, the freon compressor, two, the freon tube --"
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "You think the Krauts believe in Walt Disney?"
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "Yeah, well, was that Mickey Mouse I saw blitzkrieging across France?"
  • (Unnamed) "No."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "Pluto in Poland?"
  • (Unnamed) "No."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "Or Donald Duck at Pearl Harbor?"
  • (Unnamed) "No."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "This war's been going on for the last ten years. You had your Japs in Manchuria in 1931, the Eyeties in Ethiopia in 1935, and the Krauts have been blitzkrieging your favorite European tourist attractions for the last three years. Now, last year in Africa, it took General O'Connor and his British tanks two months to grab Libya, and it took Rommel twelve days to get it back."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "You know, this year wasn't the big year of the war, '41. I think the really big year is going to be 1942."
  • (Major General Joseph W. Stillwell) "It's gonna be a long war."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "You shouldn't touch the ordnance at all. But more specifically, you should never pull this hand-operating lever to the rear."
  • (Ned Beatty) "Never."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "Do not push a clip of ammunition down into the feed rollers here."
  • (Ned Beatty) "No, sir, never."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "You never restore this lever to firing position. Do not make sure that this cover is completely closed."
  • (Ned Beatty) "No, sir."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "Never depress operator's foot triggers here, here and at the rear here."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "What the hell do you people think you're doing? You're acting like a bunch of Tojo stooges. What do you wanna do, put Yamamoto in the White House? The Axis is crawling like a slime all over Europe. I can't believe it, Americans fighting Americans. We got the lousy Huns to fight."

Nancy Allen as Donna Stratton

  • (Nancy Allen) "General Stilwell, Colonel Grant suggests dispatching guard units to all the city reservoirs. Intelligence suspects that fifth columnists are going to pour poison into the water supply."
  • (Robert Stack) "And G-2 should pour knockout drops into the water supply. Maybe the people of the city would calm down and leave the war to the Army."
  • (Nancy Allen) "Is the target in sight yet, Loomis?"
  • (Tim Matheson) "Oh, it will be, j-just as soon as I make it through these --"
  • (Tim Matheson) "hills."
  • (Nancy Allen) "This thing handles pretty well, even if it's not a B-17. But --"
  • (Nancy Allen) "Does it have much range, Loomis?"
  • (Tim Matheson) "Huh?"
  • (Nancy Allen) "I mean, do you think it'll stay up for a long time?"
  • (Tim Matheson) "Sure. Hell, we've used less than a quarter of a tank of gas already."
  • (Tim Matheson) "Look. We're already over the Riverside County Reservoir."

Slim Pickens as Hollis P. Wood

  • (Slim Pickens) "You won't get s*** out of me. I've been constipated all week."
  • (Slim Pickens) "How can a man take a bowel movement with a hundred buffalo rifles a-pointin' at him?"
  • (Slim Pickens) "Banzai, my balls."
  • (Slim Pickens) "You sneaky little bastards aren't getting doodly-s*** from me, except maybe my name, rank, and Social Security number: Wood, Hollis P., Lumberjack, Social Security 106-43-2185."
  • (Slim Pickens) "Jesus Palomino, a Nazi. I knew it, you're all in cahoots. Well, let me tell you something, Mr. Heinie Kraut, I fought your kind in the Great War, and we kicked the living s*** out of you."
  • (Colonel Akiro Mitamura) "Where Hollywood?"
  • (Slim Pickens) "Right here."
  • (Colonel Akiro Mitamura) "What?"
  • (Slim Pickens) "You're looking at him."
  • (Colonel Akiro Mitamura) "Who?"
  • (Slim Pickens) "Hollis Wood."
  • (Colonel Akiro Mitamura) "Where?"
  • (Slim Pickens) "I'm right here. Shoot, can't ya understand plain English?"
  • (Colonel Akiro Mitamura) "Hollywood?"
  • (Slim Pickens) "Huh?"
  • (Colonel Akiro Mitamura) "Where?"
  • (Slim Pickens) "Here."
  • (Colonel Akiro Mitamura) "Look. Where Hollywood? North? South?"
  • (Slim Pickens) "Oh. You want me to tell you where Hollywood is. Well, shoot, that's easy. Hollywood is --"
  • (Slim Pickens) "Oh, no, you don't. You thought you was gonna get me to show you where Hollywood was, didn't ya? Tried to sneak up on us, like ya did at Pearl Harbor. Bet you're gonna bomb John Wayne's house, ain't ya?"

Frank McRae as Pvt. Ogden Johnson Jones

  • (Frank McRae) "Real Japs?"
  • (John Belushi) "Nah, wooden Japs, Cheetah. What do you think?"
  • (Frank McRae) "Hey, hey, hey, get to the back of the tank."
  • (Frank McRae) "Get to the bank of the tank."

Robert Stack as General Joseph W. Stilwell

  • (Robert Stack) "Where's Birkhead? He's supposed to have my lunch."
  • (Nancy Allen) "B-17. Mmm --"
  • (Tim Matheson) "No man has ever gotten to first base with her on the ground. But get her up in a plane, she'll bat your balls right out of the park."
  • (Robert Stack) "Sergeant, secure this area. I want a one-block perimeter."
  • (Dan Aykroyd) "Yes, sir. What's the plan of action, sir?"
  • (Robert Stack) "Hold the block. You can hold one block, can't you?"
  • (Robert Stack) "Ah, "Dumbo". Sure be good to get my mind off things for a while."
  • (Robert Stack) "What was that?"
  • (Pvt. DuBois) "Appears to be a large Negro, sir."
  • (Robert Stack) "You know, son, Colonel Maddox is mad."
  • (Cpl. Mizerany) "He is?"

John Belushi as Captain Wild Bill Kelso

  • (John Belushi) "Fill her up. Ethel."
  • (Lucille Benson) "Where?"
  • (John Belushi) "War nerves? Who said war nerves?"
  • (Elisha Cook Jr.) "I heard it on that radio there."
  • (John Belushi) "Radio's wrong."
  • (John Belushi) "Sayonara, suckers."
  • (John Belushi) "Come back, plane."
  • (John Belushi) "My name is Wild Bill Kelso, and don't you forget it."
  • (John Belushi) "This is war."

Tim Matheson as Captain Loomis Birkhead

  • (Tim Matheson) "It's big. The biggest one here. You know what else? It's got a lot of range. You know what I mean by range, don't you? I mean it can stay up for a long time. A very long time. And it's built firm and solid. Because it has to be. Because of its tremendous forward thrust. And when this baby delivers its payload -- devastating."
  • (Tim Matheson) "Sir, you don't have any bombers here, do you, sir?"
  • (Warren Oates) "Bombers? Son, if I had bombers I'd be bombin' the hell out of them right now."
  • (Nancy Allen) "No planes?"
  • (Tim Matheson) "Boy, am I in trouble now --"
  • (Warren Oates) "Hell, son, the only plane I've got around here is that old s*** on a shingle trainer sittin' right over there."
  • (Nancy Allen) "It's fine, it's fine. Let's go."
  • (Tim Matheson) "Oh, Donna you can't do this to me, you don't know what I've been through today."
  • (Nancy Allen) "Loomis, my father was a drill sergeant in the Marine Corps."
  • (Nancy Allen) "And he taught me how to defend myself. Now leave me alone."
  • (Tim Matheson) "Donna, please;"
  • (Tim Matheson) "Is that the general's new secretary?"
  • (Pvt. DuBois) "Yeah, she just came in from HQ. Not bad, huh?"
  • (Tim Matheson) "Not bad? She's a goddess, DuBois, a god**** goddess. That is Donna Stratton. I knew her back in Washington. She has got this thing for planes."
  • (Pvt. DuBois) "One of those real high flying types, huh?"
  • (Tim Matheson) "I've never seen anything like it -- she's got planes on the brain."

Michael McKean as Willy

  • (Michael McKean) "It's quiet."
  • (David Lander) "TOO quiet."

Warren Oates as Colonel "Madman" Maddox

  • (Warren Oates) "Let me hear your guns."
  • (John Belushi) "My what?"
  • (Warren Oates) "Your guns. Ack, ack, ack, ack, ack."
  • (John Belushi) "AHHHH."
  • (Warren Oates) "Hold your fire, pass it on."
  • (Warren Oates) "Identify yourself."
  • (John Belushi) "Captain Wild Bill Kelso, United States Army Air Corps. Where the hell am I?"
  • (Warren Oates) "Barstow. Where are you coming from?"
  • (John Belushi) "San Francisco. Been chasing a Jap squadron for a day and a half. I lost 'em somewhere over Fresno."
  • (Telephone Operator) "I'm from Moline, Illinois."
  • (John Belushi) "Tough s***."

Murray Hamilton as Claude Crumn

  • (Murray Hamilton) "Turn off those lights, you little asshole."

Christopher Lee as Captain Wolfgang von Kleinschmidt

  • (Christopher Lee) "Now you WILL s***. That is an order."
  • (Christopher Lee) "The Führer was right. There is no place in the Third Reich for you yellow swine."
  • (Colonel Akiro Mitamura) "You can take your "Third Reich" and shove it up your ass."

Ned Beatty as Ward Douglas

  • (Ned Beatty) "I don't know what they've told you down at the USO, but you're going to be meeting a lot of strange men. Men in uniform. Boys a long way from home, lonely, desperate. They really have one thing on their minds. Show 'em a good time."

Joe Flaherty as Raoul Lipschitz

  • (Joe Flaherty) "Ladies and gentlemen, every where I look -- soldiers are fighting sailors, sailors are fighting Marines. Directly in front of me, I see a flying blond floozy. Everywhere I look -- everywhere, pure pandemonium -- pandemonium."
  • (Joe Flaherty) "I'd like to thank all the GI's for helping make tonight's evening such a -- a memorable occasion. Maybe in the future we can have some Negroes come in and we'll stage a race riot -- right here."

Perry Lang as Dennis DeSoto

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