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2 Fast 2 Furious Quotes

2 Fast 2 Furious is a television show that debuted in 1970 . 2 Fast 2 Furious ended in 1970.

It features Neal H. Moritz as producer, David Arnold in charge of musical score, and Matthew F. Leonetti as head of cinematography.

2 Fast 2 Furious is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 2 Fast 2 Furious is 108 minutes long. 2 Fast 2 Furious is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Paul Walker as Brian O'Connor, Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce, Tyrese Gibson as Roman, Vin Diesel as Monica, Ludacris as Tej, Devon Aoki as Suki, Amaury Nolasco as Orange Julius, Cole Hauser as Carter Verone, MC Jin as Jimmy, John Cenatiempo as Korpi, Thom Barry as Agent Bilkins, James Remar as Agent Markham, Eric Etebari as Darden, Mo Gallini as Enrique, and Mark Boone Jr. as Detective Whitworth.

2 Fast 2 Furious Quotes

Paul Walker as Brian O'Connor

  • (Paul Walker) "How do ya like them apples?"
  • (Paul Walker) "Man, when you start eating so much?"
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "I was in jail, breh. I know how s***ty the grub is on the inside. With the way things are shaping up out here right now, it'll be a matter of time before I'm back in there, or dead. So I'm trying to eat all I can, while I can. Plus, the doctor tell me I got a high metabolism."
  • (Paul Walker) "Same old Rome, doing the same old stupid s***"
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Get up off me man"
  • (Paul Walker) "Listen, running your mouth? Insulting people? Stealing Verone's s***?"
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "You thing ima let somebody stare me down? I ain't let nobody stare me down in jail homeboy. You think ima let it fly on the beach?"
  • (Paul Walker) ""And you; I'll take my cutter back" Rich ass --"
  • (Paul Walker) "And you're packing."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Like you ain't."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Exactly --"
  • (Paul Walker) "All right, let's see what this thing can do."
  • (Paul Walker) "Oh yeah you think you're the bomb, home?"
  • (Paul Walker) "Pockets ain't empty, cuz."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "And we ain't hungry no more either, brah."
  • (Paul Walker) "Home stretch, baby."
  • (Paul Walker) "Hey, Jimmy. We got any half-empty bottles of nitrous laying around?"
  • (MC Jin) "Sure, but I already loaded you with spray."
  • (Paul Walker) "I'm thinking we may need it for something else. 'Cause our cars may get a little crowded."
  • (Paul Walker) "You still fight like s***, bro."
  • (Paul Walker) "Now put your blouse back on."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Hater."
  • (Paul Walker) "Nice shirt, Bilkins."
  • (Thom Barry) "It's my day off."
  • (Paul Walker) "You ready for this?"
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Come on, man. Guns, murderers and crooked cops? I was made for this, bro."
  • (Paul Walker) "So, Dunn, looks like we're gonna be partners, bro. Could you tell me right quick what would be a better motor for my Skyline, a Gallo 12 or a Gallo 24?"
  • (Agent Dunn) "Um --"
  • (Agent Dunn) "24?"
  • (Paul Walker) "I didn't know pizza places made motors."

Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce

  • (Tyrese Gibson) "You're not gonna do what I think you're gonna do."
  • (Paul Walker) "Yeah, I think so."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Enjoyin' the ride? Man, it's a fast car, huh? Man, it's a classic. Old school. American muscle. Man, this car can do all kinda things, man. Wanna see?"
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Man, it's a hoasis in here, breh"
  • (Paul Walker) "Yeah, lots of potential"
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "He did the stare and drive on you, didn't he? He got that from me."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Only my homeboys call me Rome, pig."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Damn. Where'd ya'll confiscate these rims from, man?"
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "We did all that for a damn cigar?"
  • (Cole Hauser) "No. You did that for a job."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Got two new cars. That's all my man."
  • (John Cenatiempo) "Damm."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Y'all ain't ready, homeboy. Get to walking, Fabio."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Use them bus tokens, partner."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Why must I chase the cat?"
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "The old man's gonna blow our cover before we even get started."
  • (James Remar) "Stop right there. Hands where I can see them."
  • (Paul Walker) "What's going on here?"
  • (James Remar) "Hold this."
  • (James Remar) "You think you can shoot at me? I'm a god**** federal agent."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "CRAZY-ASS WHITE BOY."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Verone pay ya'll to keep a straight face like that? 'Cause If I was makin' money, s***, I'd get that mole removed off my damn nose."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "What you checkin' her out for?"
  • (Paul Walker) "I'm not checkin' her out."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Yes, you were."
  • (Paul Walker) "No, I wasn't."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "I seen you checkin' her out man."
  • (Paul Walker) "Ok, I was. Now shut up."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "You shut up. Don't tell me to shut up."
  • (Vin Diesel) "Both you girlies shut up."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Kiss my ass, Putos."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Don't even think about takin' the convertible. It might loosen your mousse."
  • (Paul Walker) "No, that's cool. That's too much chrome for me anyways."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Fuentes in with Verone, Markham trying to blow our cover and we got two wired cars that are better than that ankle braclet of mine. Ima tell you, bro. You let your man, Markham do that s*** again in front of Verone, that gonna be our ass."
  • (Paul Walker) "I know man its getting thick real quick. We need some way out through some kind of exit strategy."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Exit strategy, huh?"
  • (Paul Walker) "Yeah."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "I like the way that sounds. Wachu got in mind?"
  • (Paul Walker) "I don't know man, but we need two more cars."

Cole Hauser as Carter Verone

  • (Cole Hauser) "Thank you for coming on such short notice. My red Ferrari was confiscated yesterday, and it sits in an impound lot in Little Haiti. It's about 20 miles from here. The car isn't important. What is important is the package I left in the glove box. The first team back here with the package will have an opportunity to work for me."
  • (Eric Etebari) "Are you saying we gotta audition?"
  • (Cole Hauser) "Nobody's got a gun to your head. That's it."
  • (Cole Hauser) "Hey, you. Your pockets aren't empty."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Damn."
  • (Cole Hauser) "I'll take my cutter back."
  • (Paul Walker) "Stupid ass."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "Hey, man, I figured you had, like 12 or 13 --"
  • (Cole Hauser) "You not too bright, are you? Just get out of here. Get out of here."

Vin Diesel as Monica

  • (Vin Diesel) "You might wanna keep your eyes on the road, playboy."
  • (Vin Diesel) "He's clean, dirty, but clean."

John Cenatiempo as Korpi

  • (John Cenatiempo) "American muscle."

Devon Aoki as Suki

  • (Devon Aoki) "Loser walks home."
  • (Devon Aoki) "Move, bitch."
  • (Devon Aoki) "Whoa, smack that ass."

Ludacris as Tej

  • (Ludacris) "Whoa, fellas, fellas. I know my tags are outta date, but damn."
  • (Ludacris) "Damn, Suki, uh -- When you gonna pop my clutch, huh?"
  • (Devon Aoki) "As soon as you get the right set of tools."
  • (Ludacris) "Yeah, a'ight."
  • (Ludacris) "All right. You each got a barrel to go around down at the end of the road here. Second wave gotta sit tight till your partner crosses this line right here. First team to go down and back twice wins the race -- at which point, the losers WILL hand over them keys. Otherwise, you'll be eating breakfast through straws from now on."

Mark Boone Jr. as Detective Whitworth

  • (Mark Boone Jr.) "Hey, Carter."
  • (Cole Hauser) "Meet, uh, Detective Whitworth."
  • (Cole Hauser) "One of Miami's finest. Thank you, sweetheart. Are you enjoying yourself, Detective?"
  • (Mark Boone Jr.) "Yeah, I was. I mean, you know me."
  • (Cole Hauser) "Yeah, I do know you. You been on my payroll a long time."
  • (Mark Boone Jr.) "Verone, that ain't right."
  • (Cole Hauser) "Shut up. I got one last job for you, Detective. You hear me?"
  • (Mark Boone Jr.) "Look, we've been through all this."
  • (Cole Hauser) "Yeah?"
  • (Mark Boone Jr.) "Yeah. I said I can't do it."
  • (Cole Hauser) "Hmm. That's the wrong answer. The table."

James Remar as Agent Markham

  • (James Remar) "Hey, that's mine."
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "So?"

Mo Gallini as Enrique

  • (Mo Gallini) "You know, I like you. But I still gotta kill you. It's my job."
  • (Mo Gallini) "What is that?"
  • (Mo Gallini) "What is that?"
  • (Tyrese Gibson) "It's Barstow, baby. It's about to get ugly."

MC Jin as Jimmy

  • (MC Jin) "Evo? Where'd you get an Evo from?"

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