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2001 Maniacs Quotes

2001 Maniacs is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . 2001 Maniacs completed its run in 1970.

It features Boaz Yakin as producer, Nathan Barr in charge of musical score, and Steve Adcock as head of cinematography.

2001 Maniacs is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 2001 Maniacs is 87 minutes long. 2001 Maniacs is distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment.

The cast includes: Peter Stormare as Professor Ackerman, Dylan Edrington as Nelson, Matthew Carey as Cory, Brendan McCarthy as Rufus, Mushond Lee as Malcolm, Gina Marie Heekin as Kat, Giuseppe Andrews as Harper Alexander, Robert Englund as Mayor Buckman, Jay Gillespie as Anderson Lee, Ryan Fleming as Hucklebilly, Christa Campbell as Milk Maiden, Lin Shaye as Granny Boone, and Brian Gross as Ricky.

2001 Maniacs Quotes

Lin Shaye as Granny Boone

  • (Lin Shaye) "That Chinawoman had a lot of guts."
  • (Lin Shaye) "It's Ricky on a sticky."

Robert Englund as Mayor Buckman

  • (Robert Englund) "Got any last requests, boy?"
  • (Mushond Lee) "Yeah. Kiss my black ass."
  • (Robert Englund) "I see our barb-a-cuties got the skewering rod raring to go."

Brendan McCarthy as Rufus

  • (Brendan McCarthy) "Now. Daddy. Daddy, don't mind Lester none. I got full confidence in him."
  • (Robert Englund) "Son, one time I had full confidence in a fart. s*** all over myself."
  • (Brendan McCarthy) "Any more luggage, boy?"
  • (Mushond Lee) "Boy? Ain't y'all motherf***ers ever heard of the Civil Rights Movement?"
  • (Brendan McCarthy) "Is that like anything like a bowel movement?"

Christa Campbell as Milk Maiden

  • (Christa Campbell) "I actually prefer non-smokers."

Dylan Edrington as Nelson

  • (Dylan Edrington) "I love the smell of cow s*** in the morning. Take it all in boys. Sniff it. All right, all right, all right."
  • (Matthew Carey) "I know what I am gonna write my term paper on. "Cow s*** of the South: The Smell of Victory.""
  • (Dylan Edrington) "Dudes. The whole point was getting away from history class."

Matthew Carey as Cory

  • (Matthew Carey) "The way I see it -- if we drive through the night we'll be quaffing beers by noon and boffing chicks by 5:00."

Gina Marie Heekin as Kat

  • (Gina Marie Heekin) "Ohh, I didn't know my Southern gentleman had a touch of kink in him."
  • (Gina Marie Heekin) "Is this some hillbilly reality show type of thing?"
  • (Giuseppe Andrews) "You know this is Georgia, Miss p*****cat."

Peter Stormare as Professor Ackerman

  • (Peter Stormare) "Unprecedented, historical categories. More Americans died in the so-called Civil War than in the two World Wars combined. 618,000. Although popular media usually portrays the Civil War as a series of epic battles for honor and glory the reality is far from either. General Sherman's march through South Carolina alone cost over 8,000 innocent Southerners their lives."

Brian Gross as Ricky

  • (Brian Gross) "For once I wish she was the one eating"
  • (Brian Gross) "sloppy seconds."

Giuseppe Andrews as Harper Alexander

  • (Giuseppe Andrews) "My daddy proposed to my mama right here on this spot."
  • (Gina Marie Heekin) "My daddy proposed to my mom in the back of a '69 Chevy."

Mushond Lee as Malcolm

  • (Mushond Lee) "Either one of you inbred country f***s knows where my woman is -- better tell me now."
  • (Strolling Minstrel B) "The boy wants his bitch / Yeah, the boy wants his bitch / Sad, sad thing / A boy without his bitch."

Ryan Fleming as Hucklebilly

  • (Ryan Fleming) "Damn Yankees."

Jay Gillespie as Anderson Lee

  • (Jay Gillespie) "I'll take your glory and honor. And I'll shove it right up your ass."

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