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2010: The Year We Make Contact Quotes

2010: The Year We Make Contact is a television show that debuted in 1970 . 2010: The Year We Make Contact ended in 1970.

It features Peter Hyams as producer, David Shire in charge of musical score, and Peter Hyams as head of cinematography.

2010: The Year We Make Contact is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 2010: The Year We Make Contact is 116 minutes long. 2010: The Year We Make Contact is distributed by MGM/UA Entertainment Co..

The cast includes: Oleg Rudnik as Dr. Vasili Orlov, Bob Balaban as Chandra, John Lithgow as Walter Curnow, Roy Scheider as Dr. Heywood Floyd, Roy Scheider as Heywood Floyd, Keir Dullea as Dave Bowman, Bob Balaban as Dr. Chandra, Keir Dullea as Dave, Helen Mirren as Tanya Kirbuk, Saveliy Kramarov as Dr. Vladimir Rudenko, Dana Elcar as Dimitri Moisevitch, James McEachin as Victor Milson, Madolyn Smith as Caroline Floyd, Elya Baskin as Maxim Brajlovsky, and Taliesin Jaffe as Christopher Floyd.

2010: The Year We Make Contact Quotes

Helen Mirren as Tanya Kirbuk

  • (Helen Mirren) "We are going to send a probe."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Gooood."
  • (Helen Mirren) "You think I was wrong to send Max."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Doesn't matter what I think."
  • (Helen Mirren) "You think I was wrong."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Yep."
  • (Helen Mirren) "You have been drinking your whiskey from Kentucky."
  • (Helen Mirren) "I didn't know you brought liquor on board. It is forbidden."
  • (Roy Scheider) "You think I'd step foot on this tub sober?"
  • (Helen Mirren) "What do you think that is?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "I don't know. You think Max knows?"
  • (Helen Mirren) "Dr. Floyd, you are not a very practical man."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Look at that thing. Tell me what practical is."
  • (Helen Mirren) "Tell me, Dr. Floyd, what has happened to American bravery?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "It's alive and well, thank you. What happened to Russian common sense?"

Bob Balaban as Dr. Chandra

  • (HAL-9000) "Dr. Chandra, will I dream?"
  • (Bob Balaban) "I don't know."
  • (HAL 9000) "I understand now, Dr. Chandra. Thank you for telling me the truth."
  • (Bob Balaban) "You deserve it."
  • (Bob Balaban) "HAL was told to lie; by people who find it easy to lie. HAL doesn't know how."
  • (Bob Balaban) "This is initial voice-logic reconstruction test number one. Diagnostics on voice recognition and speech synthesis centers has been completed. At this level all functions appear normal."
  • (Bob Balaban) "Hello. Doctor. Name. Continue. Yesterday. Tomorrow."
  • (HAL 9000) "Hello. Doctor. Name, continue, yesterday. Tomorrow?"
  • (HAL 9000) "Hello? Doctor? Name? Continue? Yesterday? Tomorrow?"
  • (HAL 9000) "Hellodoctornamecontinueyesterdaytomorrow hellodoctornamecontinueyesterdaytomorrow hellodoctornamecontinueyesterdaytomorrow hellodoctornamecontinueyesterdaytomorrow hellodoctornamecontinueyesterdaytomorrow hellrotinyettyelrotinyettyelrotinyettyelrotinyettyelrotinyetelrotinyet --"
  • (HAL 9000) "Good morning, Dr. Chandra. This is HAL. I'm ready for my first lesson."
  • (SAL-9000) "Will I dream?"
  • (Bob Balaban) "Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream. Nobody knows why. Perhaps you will dream of HAL -- just as I often do."

James McEachin as Victor Milson

  • (James McEachin) "'Course, there's one good thing about a reactionary President, he's not into health foods. Last one, we didn't have lunch, we grazed."
  • (James McEachin) "So, here we are on your actual brink. My agency's going to become a part of the military, I've got a president with his finger poised on the button, and you want me to walk across the park and tell him we want to hitch a ride with those very same Russians. Have I missed anything?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "That's about it."
  • (James McEachin) "This is a most -- difficult announcement. As you know, things have not been going well back home. Well, it's gotten worse; a lot worse. Yesterday, a Soviet destroyer challenged the blockade. Several warning shots were fired across her bow; she did not respond. A second volley was fired, there still was no response; none. The nuclear destroyer USS Cunningham launched two of her Falcon missiles. Both struck the Soviet vessel amidship. She broke in two and sunk. Eight hundred of her crew were lost. This morning, an American surveillance satellite was struck by a Soviet laser fired from the Sergei Kirov space station. The American satellite was destroyed. The United States has broken off diplomatic relations with Russia. All ambassadors have been recalled. The Soviet ambassador has been expelled, along with the entire staff. All American air defense and satellite defense forces are on full alert. Premier Ulanova made a televised address and said that technically, a state of war exists between our two countries. All American personnel are ordered to leave Soviet territory immediately or they will be placed under arrest. All Russian personnel are similarly ordered to evacuate American territory. As a result, by direct Presidential order, the three of you must leave the Leonov. No Russian citizen is allowed to remain on or is allowed to enter the Discovery; this order is effective immediately. The launch window for re-entry is 28 days. The Discovery has enough fuel for a low-consumption trajectory. HAL appears to be reactivated and is functioning well enough to operate the onboard systems. The Leonov has enough fuel for a low-consumption trajectory that will arrive 12 months earlier. The launch windows are critical for both spacecraft. Only communications of an emergency distress nature are allowed between the Leonov and Discovery. I know you people are caught in the middle of this; in a sense, we all are. I wish there was something I could do. The only thing left for us is to pray: pray for the safety of our families, for our countries, for our planet. May God forgive us -- and protect us."
  • (James McEachin) "You've checked this? Please say you haven't -- You aren't saying anything, Floyd."
  • (James McEachin) "Millson to Floyd: It's been twelve hours since I made my request for information. I need a reply; all hell is breaking loose down here. I have enough problems without you pulling some kind of a stunt. I just hope there's an Earth for you to return to. Make that report I asked for and make it immediately."
  • (James McEachin) "The President addressed a joint session of Congress yesterday. He said he wasn't gonna back down on the blockade. I don't know which was scarier, the speech or the Congress cheering it. He evoked Lincoln. Whenever a president is gonna get us into serious trouble, they always use Lincoln. I honestly don't know if we're gonna be at war or not; it's terrifying to hope that the Russians are less crazy than we are, when they are clearly crazy. Right now, I think you're in a safer place than we are. I just hope that there is an Earth to return to."

Roy Scheider as Dr. Heywood Floyd

  • (Roy Scheider) "I do seem to remember a process where you people ask me questions and I give you answers, and then I ask you questions and you give me answers, and that's the way we find out things. I think I read that in a manual somewhere."
  • (Roy Scheider) "I'd love a hot dog."
  • (John Lithgow) "Astrodome. Good hot dogs there."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Astrodome? You can't grow a good hot dog indoors. Yankee Stadium. September. The hot dogs have been boiling since opening day in April. Now that's a hot dog."
  • (John Lithgow) "The yellow mustard or the darker kind?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "The darker kind."
  • (John Lithgow) "Very important."
  • (Roy Scheider) "You've done a spectral analysis?"
  • (Oleg Rudnik) "Of course I have."
  • (Roy Scheider) "And --"
  • (Oleg Rudnik) "And what?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Dr. Orlov, I'm not taking a survey, if you've done the analysis what are the results?"
  • (Oleg Rudnik) "Nothing conclusive."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Molecular breakdown?"
  • (Oleg Rudnik) "If you look carefully at the last page of the data, you will find the answer."
  • (Roy Scheider) "I don't understand this, if this data's correct, then there's something down there."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Can't be correct?"
  • (Oleg Rudnik) "It is correct."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Is it moving?"
  • (Oleg Rudnik) "Yes."
  • (HAL 9000) "Do you want me to repeat the last response?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "No, no. Tell Curnow that this is no time for jokes."
  • (HAL 9000) "Dr. Curnow is not sending the message. He is in access way two."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Well, tell whoever it is that I can't accept that identification without proof."
  • (HAL 9000) "The response is, "I understand. It is important that you believe me. Look behind you.""
  • (HAL 9000) "Do you want me to repeat the message, Dr. Floyd?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Who recorded it?"
  • (HAL 9000) "This is not a recording."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Who's sending it?"
  • (HAL 9000) "There is no identification."
  • (Roy Scheider) "I don't understand."
  • (HAL 9000) "Neither do I."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Is this message by voice or keyboard?"
  • (HAL 9000) "I don't know."
  • (Roy Scheider) "My response is, we don't have enough fuel for an earlier departure."
  • (HAL 9000) "The answer is, "I am aware of these facts. Nevertheless you must leave within two days.""
  • (Roy Scheider) "HAL, who the hell is sending this?"
  • (HAL 9000) "I'm sorry, Dr. Floyd, I don't know."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Well, tell whoever it is that I can't take any of this seriously unless I know who I'm talking to."
  • (HAL 9000) "Dr. Floyd?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Yes?"
  • (HAL 9000) "The response is, "I was David Bowman.""
  • (Roy Scheider) "Maybe Max should extend the pod's arms. Put the hands out."
  • (Oleg Rudnik) "Are you serious?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Yes."
  • (John Lithgow) "I don't know about you, but that thing with its claws in the air would scare the piss out of me."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Maybe you're right."
  • (Roy Scheider) "I don't know if HAL is homicidal, suicidal, neurotic, psychotic, or just plain broken."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Are these the power connections for all the control-based circuits?"
  • (John Lithgow) "Most of them, yeah."
  • (Roy Scheider) "What other ones are there?"
  • (John Lithgow) "Well, all the environmental controls are fed with this one here --"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Yeah yeah yeah, but this is the one that feeds into HAL, right?"
  • (John Lithgow) "Right."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Okay -- I want you to install this little beauty -- right about -- there. Just inside the cable trunking."
  • (Roy Scheider) "I want you to put it where no one can find it without a deliberate search."
  • (John Lithgow) "No s***?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "No s***."
  • (John Lithgow) "This is pretty sweet -- Non-conducting blade, so there won't be any short-circuits when you trigger it -- Where's the remote control?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "If I trigger it. The control's in my compartment. Little red calculator? You've seen it. You put in nine '9s'. Take the square root, and then hit 'Integer.' In an emergency, even you could do it."
  • (John Lithgow) "What kind of emergency?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Well if I knew that, I wouldn't need this stupid thing now, would I?"
  • (John Lithgow) "Y'know, Chandra'd have kittens if he found out."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Yeah. But he isn't gonna find out, is he."
  • (John Lithgow) "Not from me. They could tear off my fingernails, I won't talk."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Good. Install it tonight when he's asleep. If he ever does sleep."
  • (John Lithgow) "How can you tell?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "My dear Christopher, this is the last time I'll be able to speak to you for a long while. I'm trying to put into words what has happened. Maybe that's for historians to do sometime later. They will record that the next day, the President of the United States looked out of the White House window and the Premier of the Soviet Union looked out of the Kremlin window, and saw the new distant sun in the sky. They read the message, and perhaps they learned something because they finally recalled their ships and their planes. I am going to sleep now. I will dream of you and your mother. I will sleep knowing that you are both safe, that the fear is over. We have seen the process of life take place. Maybe this is the way it happened on Earth millions of years ago. Maybe it's something completely different. I still don't know really what the monolith is. I think it's many things. An embassy for an intelligence beyond ours. A shape of some kind for something that has no shape. Your children will be born in a world of two suns. They will never know a sky without them. You can tell them that you remember when there was a pitch black sky with no bright star, and people feared the night. You can tell them when we were alone, when we couldn't point to the light and say to ourselves; 'There is life out there.' Someday, the children of the new sun will meet the children of the old. I think they will be our friends. You can tell your children of the day when everyone looked up and realized that we were only tenants of this world. We have been given a new lease and a warning from the landlord."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Curnow, have you heard the one about the marathon runner and the chicken?"
  • (John Lithgow) "Don't patronize me. I'm getting nauseous."
  • (Elya Baskin) "If you vomit, you will choke."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Don't close your eyes. Look at the middle of Discovery. The middle, not the ends. Look at the part where it's moving the least. Don't take your eyes off it."
  • (John Lithgow) "l'm gonna throw up. I'm an engineer, god**** it. Maybe you'd better patronize me a little. What about the marathon runner?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Ah; I made it up."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Buy you a drink? Great stuff, this bourbon. It comes from a land called Kentucky."
  • (Helen Mirren) "I didn't know you brought liquor on board. It is forbidden."
  • (Roy Scheider) "You think I'd set foot on this tub sober? Come on, try it. You can't beat the taste of alcohol and plastic."
  • (Helen Mirren) "You think I was wrong to send Max?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Doesn't matter what I think."
  • (Helen Mirren) "You think I was wrong"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Yep."
  • (Helen Mirren) "So what else do they do in Kentucky?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Uh, they have a big, big horse race. They play very good basketball. They have babies like everyone else."
  • (Helen Mirren) "That sounds like a very nice place."
  • (Roy Scheider) "I've never been there."
  • (HAL 9000) "Dr. Floyd?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "What is it HAL?"
  • (HAL 9000) "There is a message for you."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Who's calling?"
  • (HAL 9000) "There is no identification."
  • (Roy Scheider) "What's the message?"
  • (HAL 9000) "Message as follows: "It is dangerous to remain here. You must leave within two days.""
  • (Roy Scheider) "What?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "You just read that report? Took you this long to steal our secrets?"
  • (Dana Elcar) "How long does it take for your people to steal ours?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Same amount of time."

Dana Elcar as Dimitri Moisevitch

  • (Dana Elcar) "Have you checked Discovery's orbit lately?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "What?"
  • (Dana Elcar) "Have you checked the orbit?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "What about it?"
  • (Dana Elcar) "Now it's getting chilly here. This is very bad for my asthma."
  • (Roy Scheider) "You know damn well we've been checking it."
  • (Dana Elcar) "I have enjoyed our little chat, Dr. Floyd."
  • (Roy Scheider) "What is it you're not telling me?"
  • (Dana Elcar) "You are a smart man, Dr. Floyd. You will know what to do."
  • (Dana Elcar) "I want to play a game with you, Dr. Floyd."
  • (Roy Scheider) "I don't have time for games."
  • (Dana Elcar) "This is a good game. It's called "The Truth." For two minutes, I will tell only the truth, and so will you."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Two minutes?"
  • (Dana Elcar) "Two minutes."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Make it a minute and a half."
  • (Dana Elcar) "One minute and three quarters."
  • (Roy Scheider) "You start."
  • (Dana Elcar) "Neatness. It's a good quality. You'll make somebody a fine wife."
  • (Dana Elcar) "Here we have our quandary: we are going to get there first, yet you have the knowledge to make the trip work."
  • (Dana Elcar) "How much time do I have left?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "You just bought yourself an extension."

John Lithgow as Walter Curnow

  • (John Lithgow) "You had us scared for a moment."
  • (Roy Scheider) "Nice work. Are you all right?"
  • (Bob Balaban) "Yes, I'm all right."
  • (Bob Balaban) "I thought you might want this."
  • (Roy Scheider) "When?"
  • (Bob Balaban) "Wasn't very hard to find. Yeah I knew you'd do something like this."
  • (John Lithgow) "It's shrinking. It's shrinking."
  • (John Lithgow) "If it has to taste like this, I don't care if my electrolytes are imbalanced or not."

Keir Dullea as Dave Bowman

  • (HAL-9000) "What is going to happen?"
  • (Keir Dullea) "Something wonderful."
  • (HAL-9000) "I'm afraid."
  • (Keir Dullea) "Don't be. We'll be together."
  • (HAL-9000) "Where will we be?"
  • (Keir Dullea) "Where I am now."
  • (HAL 9000) "I'm afraid."
  • (Keir Dullea) "Don't be. We'll be together."
  • (HAL 9000) "Where will we be?"
  • (Keir Dullea) "Where I am now."
  • (Keir Dullea) "My God. It's full of stars."
  • (Keir Dullea) "You see, something's going to happen. You must leave."
  • (Roy Scheider) "What? What's going to happen?"
  • (Keir Dullea) "Something wonderful."
  • (Roy Scheider) "What?"
  • (Keir Dullea) "I understand how you feel. You see, it's all very clear to me now. The whole thing. It's wonderful."

Oleg Rudnik as Dr. Vasili Orlov

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Taliesin Jaffe as Christopher Floyd

  • (Taliesin Jaffe) "How far away is Jupiter?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Far."
  • (Taliesin Jaffe) "Why does it take two and a half years to go and come back?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "It's so far."
  • (Taliesin Jaffe) "Why don't you go faster?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Can't."
  • (Taliesin Jaffe) "Oh. Are you gonna forget about me?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "No. I love you."
  • (Taliesin Jaffe) "I won't forget about you."
  • (Roy Scheider) "We'll be able to talk to each other, see each other on television."
  • (Taliesin Jaffe) "Oh. Daddy?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "What?"
  • (Taliesin Jaffe) "Mommy said you'd be asleep for a long time. Are you gonna die?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "What?"
  • (Taliesin Jaffe) "Are you gonna die?"
  • (Roy Scheider) "Why do you say that?"
  • (Taliesin Jaffe) "When Jamie's grandfather died, Mommy said he'd be asleep for a long time."
  • (Roy Scheider) "No, no, no. This is different. They're gonna put me asleep in orbit -- and you'd have to sleep on the way up, and sleep on the way down, otherwise -- you'd go cuckoo -- and there wouldn't be enough food aboard the flight for everybody."
  • (Taliesin Jaffe) "Oh. I don't understand."

Elya Baskin as Maxim Brajlovsky

  • (Elya Baskin) "Easy as cake, huh?"
  • (John Lithgow) "Pie. Easy as pie."
  • (Elya Baskin) "Piece of pie."
  • (John Lithgow) "Cake. Piece of Cake."

Madolyn Smith as Caroline Floyd

  • (Madolyn Smith) "I want to be grown-up and understanding about all this, I really do -- I try so hard, but I can't. This won't bring those men back. You've been killing yourself over something you did, or something you didn't do right, and now you're looking for absolution -- You know, you could get yourself killed."
  • (Roy Scheider) "I'll be scared enough for both of us."

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