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24 Hour Party People Quotes

24 Hour Party People is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . 24 Hour Party People ended in 1970.

It features Andrew Eaton as producer, and Robby Müller as head of cinematography.

24 Hour Party People is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of 24 Hour Party People is 117 minutes long. 24 Hour Party People is distributed by Pathé (UK).

The cast includes: Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson, Paddy Considine as Rob Gretton, John Thomson as Charles, Sean Harris as Ian Curtis, Andy Serkis as Martin Hannett, Rob Brydon as Ryan Letts, Lennie James as Alan Erasmus, Shirley Henderson as Lindsay, Chris Coghill as Bez, and Dave Gorman as John.

24 Hour Party People Quotes

Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson

  • (Steve Coogan) "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the latest craze sweeping the Pennines, and I've got to be honest, I'd rather be sweeping the Pennines right now."
  • (Steve Coogan) "It looks f***ing great actually; yeah, really nice. It's beautiful; but useless. And as William Morris once said: "Nothing useless can be truly beautiful.""
  • (Steve Coogan) "What's wrong with London Records?"
  • (Paddy Considine) "The name, for a start."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Can I get you half a lager?"
  • (Paddy Considine) "You can get me a pint."
  • (Steve Coogan) "It was like being on a fantastic fairground ride, centrifugal forces throwing us wider and wider. But it's all right, because there's this brilliant machine at the center that's going to bring us back down to earth. That was Manchester. That is the Hacienda. Now imagine the machine breaks. For a while, it's even better, because you're really flying. but then, you fall, because nobody beats gravity."
  • (Steve Coogan) "You know, I think that Shaun Ryder is on a par with W.B. Yeats as a poet."
  • (Yvette) "Really?"
  • (Steve Coogan) "Absolutely. Totally."
  • (Yvette) "Well, that is amazing, considering everyone else thinks he's a f***ing idiot."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Factory Records are not actually a company. We are an experiment in human nature. You're labouring under the misapprehension that we actually have a deal with, er, with our, our bands. That we have any kind of a contract, er, at all, and I'm afraid we, er, we don't because that's, er, that's the sum total of the paperwork to do with Factory Records, deal with, er, their various bands."
  • (Steve Coogan) "We're still together, so whatever you're thinking you're wrong."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Well, it's written in the Bible, isn't it? 'God made man in His own image'."
  • (Paddy Considine) "Yeah, but not a specific man."
  • (Steve Coogan) "No, but if you'd have spoken to Him, He would have looked like you. But you didn't, I did. And he looked like me."
  • (Paddy Considine) "f***ing top gear, man."
  • (Roger Ames) "Tony, you're f***ing mad."
  • (Steve Coogan) "That's a point of view."
  • (Steve Coogan) "When you have to choose between the truth and the legend, choose the legend."
  • (Steve Coogan) "What're you doing?"
  • (Andy Serkis) "Recording silence."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Recording silence?"
  • (Andy Serkis) "No, I'm recording Tony f***ing Wilson."
  • (Steve Coogan) "I'm a minor player in my own life story."
  • (Steve Coogan) "And tonight something equally epoch-making is taking place. See? They're applauding the DJ. Not the music, not the musician, not the creator, but the medium. This is it. The birth of rave culture. The beatification of the beat. The dance age. This is the moment when even the white man starts dancing. Welcome to Manchester."
  • (Steve Coogan) "You're going to see a lot more of that sort of thing in the picture. I don't want to say too much, don't want to spoil it. I'll just say one word: 'Icarus'. If you get it, great. If you don't, that's fine too. But you should probably read more."
  • (Steve Coogan) "This scene didn't actually make it to the final cut. I'm sure it'll be on the DVD."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Energy, energy? Energy is, is, it's nothing more than a lot of new age hokum masquerading as spirituality."
  • (Steve Coogan) "That is the closest thing we have to a contract, here."
  • (Yvette) "And what do you do?"
  • (Steve Coogan) "How do you mean?"
  • (Yvette) "You know, your job?"
  • (Steve Coogan) "Well, I'm Tony Wilson."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Every band needs it's own special chemistry. And Bez was a very good chemist."
  • (Steve Coogan) "You can't threaten me, Martin. You're a big man, but you're out of shape. Although you could sit on me."
  • (Steve Coogan) "This morning I was doing a story about an elephant being washed by a midget."
  • (John Thomson) "He's a dwarf."
  • (Steve Coogan) "It doesn't matter."
  • (John Thomson) "Well, it matters to him."
  • (Steve Coogan) "You want to be careful with that, Shaun. You could take somebody's eye out."
  • (Steve Coogan) "I am not a lump of hash. I'm in charge of Factory Records. I think."
  • (Steve Coogan) "I'm being postmodern, before it's fashionable."

Sean Harris as Ian Curtis

  • (Sean Harris) "Wilson, ya f***ing c***."
  • (Steve Coogan) "That's original."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Your drink's coming. Is he a friend of yours?"
  • (Paddy Considine) "Yeah, he's our singer."
  • (Sean Harris) "Out of the way, Steve."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Hi, Tony Wilson, pleased to meet you."
  • (Steve Coogan) "-- Is he gonna hit me? You're quite close to me there."
  • (Sean Harris) "Yeah, I know, I wanna be."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Why?"
  • (Sean Harris) "'Cos you're a c***, mate."
  • (Steve Coogan) "I know, I heard you the first time."
  • (Sean Harris) "I sound like Bowie."
  • (Steve Coogan) "That's good. You like Bowie."
  • (Sean Harris) "I hate f***in' Bowie. In "All The Young Dudes" he sings about how you should die when you're twenty-five. Do you know how old he is? He's thirty, twenty-nine, something. He's a liar."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Look, it doesn't matter. A lot of great artists produce their best work when they're -- older. You know, W.B. Yeats --"
  • (Sean Harris) "I've never heard of him, mate."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Yeats is the greatest poet since Dante. If he'd have died when he was twenty-five --"
  • (Sean Harris) "I would have heard of him, Tony."

Dave Gorman as John

  • (Dave Gorman) "Pogo like a bastard."

Rob Brydon as Ryan Letts

  • (Rob Brydon) "Got to stop him singing, Tony."
  • (Steve Coogan) "It's avant-garde, you wouldn't understand it."
  • (Rob Brydon) "It's very poor. Very poor."
  • (Steve Coogan) "It's provocative."
  • (Rob Brydon) "Provocatively poor. Appallingly poor. They're not calling you the new George Epstein, you know."
  • (Steve Coogan) "-- It's Brian Epstein."
  • (Rob Brydon) "George Epstein, Beatles manager."
  • (Steve Coogan) "That's Brian Epstein, you dickhead. It's f***ing Brian Epstein."
  • (Rob Brydon) "George Epstein. It's Brian Martin."
  • (Steve Coogan) "It's George Martin, you knob."
  • (Rob Brydon) "Brian Martin the producer, George Epstein the, er -- manager."
  • (Lennie James) "Tony, tell him to f*** off."
  • (Shirley Henderson) "Come on, let's sit down --"
  • (Steve Coogan) "You're just f***ing wrong."

Andy Serkis as Martin Hannett

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Chris Coghill as Bez

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Paddy Considine as Rob Gretton

  • (Paddy Considine) "You know your trouble, Tony? You don't know what you are. I f***ing know what you are, but you don't know what you are."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Well, my curiosity's got the better of me, Rob, tell me, what am I?"
  • (Paddy Considine) "You're a c***."
  • (Steve Coogan) "Well, you see I knew that, you see, that was something I did know."

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