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25th Hour Quotes

25th Hour is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . 25th Hour ended its run in 1970.

It features Terence Blanchard in charge of musical score, and Rodrigo Prieto as head of cinematography.

25th Hour is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 25th Hour is 135 minutes long. 25th Hour is distributed by Buena Vista Pictures.

The cast includes: Edward Norton as Monty Brogan, Brian Cox as James Brogan, Barry Pepper as Frank Slaughtery, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Jakob Elinsky, Isiah Whitlock, Jr. as Agent Flood, Rosario Dawson as Naturelle Riviera, Armando Riesco as Phelan, Levan Uchaneishvili as Uncle Nikolai, Tony Siragusa as Kostya Novotny, Anna Paquin as Mary D'Annunzio, Aaron Stanford as Marcuse, Al Palagonia as Salvatore Dominick, and Michael Genet as Agent Cunningham.

25th Hour Quotes

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Jakob Elinsky

  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "To his coy mistress."
  • (Anna Paquin) "Well, it's not real deep or anything. The guy wants to get laid and he's telling her to give it up."
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "I kissed her."
  • (Barry Pepper) "You what?"
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "My student. I, I kissed her."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Who are you trying to be -- R. Kelly?"

Levan Uchaneishvili as Uncle Nikolai

  • (Levan Uchaneishvili) "I tattooed "survive" on my hand the night before I went away to prison. And I did. We do what we have to do to survive."
  • (Levan Uchaneishvili) "This is my advice to you: When you get there, figure it out who's who. Find the man nobody's protecting. A man without friends. And beat him until his eyes bleed. Let them think you are little bit crazy, but respectful, too. Respectful of the right men."

Anna Paquin as Mary D'Annunzio

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Edward Norton as Monty Brogan

  • (Edward Norton) "Oh, s*** -- AH. f***, he's got a lot of bite left in him, huh?"
  • (Tony Siragusa) "I think bull-pit is not playing with you, Monty."
  • (Edward Norton) "Yeah, no s***."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "Come -- you want police coming?"
  • (Edward Norton) "Ah, look they used him like a f***ing ashtray, man -- what a bunch of assholes. Let's get him in the trunk."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "What?"
  • (Edward Norton) "Yeah -- there's a vet emergency room, right over here. Come on, I like this guy."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "He tries to bite your face off -- he is mean. You want dog, I buy you nice puppy tomorrow."
  • (Edward Norton) "Ah, no -- what the f*** I want with a puppy, Kostya."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "Where you go, Monty? Monty, wait. What the -- I not go near bull-pit, Monty. This thing is disgusting."
  • (Edward Norton) "I told you, I told you -- it's not a pit bull. He's -- look at him, he's a good dog, I can see it in his eyes. He's a tough little bastard, he wasn't lying down for anybody."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "Sometimes I think you very stupid man."
  • (Edward Norton) "Look at him -- come on. If we wait much longer he's gonna be dead, alright?"
  • (Tony Siragusa) "You wanted shoot him with my gun."
  • (Edward Norton) "That was a mercy thing -- he's not ready to go yet, he wants to live."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "Oh, he tell you this now?"
  • (Edward Norton) "No -- but it's like a baby, OK. They all bitch and scream like that, you know -- they see the doctor coming with the needle. It's good for him in the long run."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "You have no baby?"
  • (Edward Norton) "I can't talk to you, Kostya."
  • (Edward Norton) "Look at this. He's alive."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "This dog, how you call it? Bull pit?"
  • (Edward Norton) "No, Pit-Bull. But that's not a pit bull. I don't know, I don't know what he is. I bet he lost somebody some money though. Give me your gun."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "Shooting him?"
  • (Edward Norton) "Yeah."
  • (Edward Norton) "Did you like that?"
  • (Anna Paquin) "Yep."
  • (Edward Norton) "I need you to make me ugly."

Rosario Dawson as Naturelle Riviera

  • (Rosario Dawson) "What are you boys up to?"
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "Frank's just flirting with the bartender."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Oh, yeah? What's the verdict?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "Guilty of lookin' good."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "She's just tits, Francis."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Oh, yeah? Did you see her ass? That girl's got a fine ass -- I mean, she's oozing sex-appeal."
  • (Rosario Dawson) "Yeah, she's oozing somethin'."
  • (Barry Pepper) "See that right there, that is so typical -- that's what I'm talking about, Jake."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Why is it that a woman walks in a room with great tits, every other woman in the joint says that she's a slut? Why is that?"
  • (Rosario Dawson) "I have great tits, I'm not a slut."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Says you."

Barry Pepper as Frank Slaughtery

  • (Barry Pepper) "You know, you're wearing a striped shirt with a striped tie, you know that, right?"
  • (Armando Riesco) "Yeah, I do it for the ladies."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Oh; the ladies ever tell you that you look like a f***ing optical illusion?"
  • (Armando Riesco) "Yeah?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "Go away, disappear -- come on."
  • (Armando Riesco) "I'm outta here."
  • (Barry Pepper) "You know what a man should never ask in a Victoria's Secret shop, Jake?"
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "What?"
  • (Barry Pepper) ""Does this come in children's sizes?""
  • (Barry Pepper) "Sal, you knew. They raised my limit to 100."
  • (Al Palagonia) "A week ago. They just raised your limit a week ago."
  • (Barry Pepper) "What am I gonna do? Sit on it? Is that what you want?"
  • (Al Palagonia) "First of all, you're not gonna raise your voice to me. That's first off. You cannot put me, you, or this firm in jeopardy by putting 100 million dollars in one idea. Right or wrong?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "Right or wrong, yeah. Listen. I think we're in for a low number, alright? 140, 135."
  • (Al Palagonia) "I really don't give a s*** what you think Frank. You're becoming a cowboy. You come in here, you're not even clean shaven, Frank. Stop playing with this f***ing ball and pay attention to me. You come in here drinking your Red Bull s***, you stink like booze, you're out all night partying, and that's OK. But when you become a cowboy, that's when I draw the line. I am still your boss. And I am telling you now. You sell half those contracts. Do I make myself clear? Do I make myself clear, Frank? Do I make myself clear to you?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "Yeah."
  • (Al Palagonia) "Yes? Good. Have a good day. And by the way, we're still on for Friday night, courtside, front row. Don't be late."

Armando Riesco as Phelan

  • (Armando Riesco) "Uhm, Sally's looking for a high number -- two hundred and eighty thousand is their call."
  • (Barry Pepper) "f*** Salamon Brothers."
  • (Armando Riesco) "f***, uh -- f*** Salamon Brothers?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "Yeah, f*** Salamon Brothers -- they're hedging their bets, they want everybody on their side of the fence."
  • (Armando Riesco) "Uhm, what's the big deal with the unemployment number anyway?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "Fellan --"
  • (Armando Riesco) "It's, uh -- Phelan."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Whatever, look -- more jobs means fewer people looking for work, means it's harder to find good people to fill those jobs, means you gotta raise wages to get them, means inflation goes up. You got it?"
  • (Armando Riesco) "Yeah."
  • (Barry Pepper) "No, I didn't think so. That's why I'm doing what I'm doing and you're handing out junk mail."

Tony Siragusa as Kostya Novotny

  • (Tony Siragusa) "Monty, I have beautiful woman, very nice."
  • (Edward Norton) "Yeah, well, I'm not really in the mood for that. I've got a nice girl."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "I know, I know. Tonight is a special night. Last night as free man. I pick her out special, just for you."
  • (Edward Norton) "The last girl you picked out special for me had three teeth, all in the back."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "I pick her out special just for you."
  • (Edward Norton) "The last girl you picked out special for me had three teeth, all in the back."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "Funny you should say that."
  • (Edward Norton) "Why? Why is it funny I should say that?"
  • (Tony Siragusa) "What you say, it was funny."
  • (Edward Norton) "Kostya, you can't -- when you --"
  • (Edward Norton) "It's an expression. If you say that --"
  • (Barry Pepper) "It's a, uh, euphemism, right?"
  • (Edward Norton) "Can you explain this? You're the English teacher."
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "Uh --"
  • (Philip Seymour Hoffman) "I think what he means, Kostya, is that when you say, "Funny you should say that," that means that it reminds you of a funny story."
  • (Edward Norton) "Exactly."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "No, no. It was funny what you say -- "Funny you should say that.""
  • (Edward Norton) "It still makes no f***ing sense. This is what I deal with."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "So how can you start this party without me?"
  • (Edward Norton) "Oh shut up, you fat Russian f***."
  • (Tony Siragusa) "Fat UKRANIAN f***."

Isiah Whitlock, Jr. as Agent Flood

  • (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) "Shiiit -- Mr. Brogan, I do believe you're f***ed -- royally. SHIIIIIT --."
  • (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.) "You don't read the papers much, do you smart guy? In New York? We've a wonderful thing called the Rockefeller laws. Let me educate you. You had a kilo in your sofa. That kind of weight makes it an A1 felony. 15 years to life minimum for a first offense. Now with that much spread in the sentencing guidelines, the judges take their cues from the prosecutors. So if the prosecutors wife busted his chops that morning, you're f***ed. You're gone for good. If you get lucky? Really lucky? And let's say he got some good trim the night before. Maybe he'll plea you off to an A2. But that's still 3 to 8 for first time, minimum. How much of that stretch you pull is all up to the mood of the prosecutor. And he's gonna ask us, "Did he play ball?" So, why don't you tell us about your friend, Nikolai? Let us make it easy on you."
  • (Edward Norton) "Can I ask you one question?"
  • (Michael Genet) "Sure."
  • (Edward Norton) "When you have your dick in his mouth, does he just keep talking like that? Cause it seems to me he just never shuts up. I'm just curious does that get annoying? You know, you're f***ing a guy in the mouth and he just won't shut up?"
  • (Michael Genet) "Look here, you vanilla motherf***er. When you're upstate, takin' it in the culo by a buncha guys callin' you Shirley, you'll only have yourself and Governor Rockefeller to thank for the privilege."

Aaron Stanford as Marcuse

  • (Aaron Stanford) "You know, it's funny; I don't see you picking up the phone to sell those contracts, and I'm pretty sure I just heard your daddy come over here and cut off your allowance, so I'm a little surprised. You're not gonna disobey a direct order, are you?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "You know, Marcuse -- do I come into your bedroom and tell you how to blow your boyfriend? No. Go away."

Brian Cox as James Brogan

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