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3 Women Quotes

3 Women is a television show that first aired in 1970 . 3 Women ended in 1970.

It features Robert Altman as producer, Gerald Busby in charge of musical score, and Chuck Roscher as head of cinematography.

3 Women is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 3 Women is 124 minutes long. 3 Women is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Craig Richard Nelson as Dr. Maas, Sierra Pecheur as Ms. Bunweil, Shelley Duvall as Millie Lammoreaux, Sissy Spacek as Pinky Rose, Janice Rule as Willie Hart, Ruth Nelson as Mrs. Rose, and Robert Fortier as Edgar Hart.

3 Women Quotes

Shelley Duvall as Millie Lammoreaux

  • (Shelley Duvall) "That's Dirty Girtie. Pull her bow and she'll say hello."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Okay, now, what's wrong with ya?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Nothin'?"
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Well, there's gotta be somethin' wrong with ya."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "My bathing suit's too big?"
  • (Shelley Duvall) "No. I mean, why else would you be here if it weren't somethin' like your legs or your arms. There's gotta be somethin' wrong with ya."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Oh, my back. Oh, my back. And my leg. My leg. My leg hurts."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Okay, your back and your legs. This is for people with bad back and legs."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "How come you didn't tell me your name was Mildred?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Because I hate it."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Do you know what my name is?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Millie. Oh --"
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Ever since you moved in here you've been causin' me grief. Nobody wants to hang around you. You don't drink, you don't smoke. You don't do anything you're supposed to do."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "All right, Pinky. How come you stole my car? Pinky?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "I didn't steal your car. I borrowed it."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "You did not. You didn't even ask."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Couldn't find you."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "You didn't try very hard."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "I tried hard."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "You did not. You could've at least told Doris or Alcira of somebody. Who took you there to go in and get my keys?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Tom."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Pinky, I had to call the police and everything. They're sittin' in there right not waitin' on me. They think somebody stole my car."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "They're sittin' in there, huh? Well, aren't you the lucky one?"
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Wash those potatoes."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Yes, Ma'am. All of them?"
  • (Shelley Duvall) "All of them. Put 'em in the pot."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "This pot?"
  • (Shelley Duvall) "I'm not gonna answer that."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Yes, Ma'am."
  • (Janice Rule) "Dunno why you have to be so mean to her."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Pinky? What's the matter?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "I'm scared."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "What of?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "I had a bad dream."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Dreams can't hurt ya."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Can I sleep with you?"
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Sure."

Robert Fortier as Edgar Hart

  • (Robert Fortier) "Cigarette lighter. Beautiful. Gum wrapper. Jesus Christ. Pigs."
  • (Robert Fortier) "I'd rather face a thousand million savages than one woman who's learned how to shoot."

Sissy Spacek as Pinky Rose

  • (Sissy Spacek) "You're the most perfect person I've met."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Gee. Thanks."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Your name's Lammoreaux?"
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Yeah."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Are you french?"
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Nah. I'm American."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "What is this place? Disneyland ?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Who're these people? I've never seen 'em before."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "I wonder what it's like to be twins."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Huh?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Twins. Bet it'd be weird. Do you think they know which ones they are?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Wine. You got wine."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "Yeah."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Tickled Pink."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "And the other's Lemon Satin."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Ooo. Lemon Satin."

Craig Richard Nelson as Dr. Maas

  • (Craig Richard Nelson) "No. I do not think this was a simple mistake. The chances of her making up a Social Security number exactly the same as yours are very slim."
  • (Sierra Pecheur) "She maliciously gave me your number when she filled out her W-4."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "How could she have? I didn't even know her then."
  • (Sierra Pecheur) "Don't get smart with me, Lammoreaux. You can't fool me. She told me she couldn't remember her number and was gonna write home for it, and, like a fool, I believed her."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "So maybe she forgot to do it and just gave you mine instead. She didn't mean anything bad by it. I don't know what makes it such a big deal. She's just a little kid."
  • (Craig Richard Nelson) "I'll tell you what makes it such a big deal. I do not want any discrepancies in these records. I do not want government people coming in here going through these books. I think Rose did this on purpose."
  • (Sierra Pecheur) "I didn't trust her from the very minute I first laid eyes on her."
  • (Shelley Duvall) "She never did anything wrong on purpose. She's just scared of you, that's all. Then she almost died, and nobody even cared around here. You're the bad ones, not Pinky. All you care about's your time clock, your money and your dumb books. Well, you don't have to worry about any Social Security numbers anymore, because I quit. It's a horrible job. And we don't need it. Neither of us."

Ruth Nelson as Mrs. Rose

  • (Ruth Nelson) "Well it sure don't look like Texas."

Janice Rule as Willie Hart

  • (Janice Rule) "I had the most wonderful dream --"

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