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30 Days of Night (film) Quotes

30 Days of Night (film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . 30 Days of Night ended its run in 1970.

It features Sam Raimi; Robert Tapert as producer, Brian Reitzell in charge of musical score, and Jo Willems as head of cinematography.

30 Days of Night (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 30 Days of Night (film) is 113 minutes long. 30 Days of Night (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Ben Foster as The Stranger, Melissa George as Stella Oleson, Mark Rendall as Jake Oleson, Josh Hartnett as Sheriff Eben Oleson, Danny Huston as Marlow, Elizabeth Hawthorne as Lucy Ikos, Mark Boone Junior as Beau Brower, Manu Bennett as Deputy Billy Kitka, Amber Sainsbury as Denise, Joel Tobeck as Doug Hertz, Nathaniel Lees as Carter Davies, Jared Turner as Aaron, and Kelson Henderson as Gabe.

30 Days of Night (film) Quotes

Josh Hartnett as Sheriff Eben Oleson

  • (Josh Hartnett) "Got a problem?"
  • (Mark Boone Junior) "Nothing I can't handle my own f***ing self."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "This for generators?"
  • (Mark Boone Junior) "Yeah. Yeah, mostly."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Well, Beau, I'm going to have to cite you for it. I can't have it leaking all over the street."
  • (Mark Boone Junior) "What? For that? You don't -- you don't have to cite me. You don't have to do anything. Isn't that why we live out here? You know, for a little freedom?"
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Happy motoring."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "What the hell is that?"
  • (Mark Rendall) "It's pot. It helps her with her cancer."
  • (Helen Munson) "Didn't tell you I got a little greenhouse at home. Didn't want you arresting me."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Now I know why you wanted to go live with grandma."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "We'll sleep in shifts. We'll ration our food, and then we'll figure out the next step. We have two advantages; we know this town, and we know the cold. We live here for a reason; because nobody else can."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Come on, motherf***ers."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Strange."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Stop the truck."
  • (Melissa George) "What?"
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Stop the f***ing truck."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "I thought I saw something."
  • (Melissa George) "Get in the truck."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "What?"
  • (Melissa George) "Get in the f***ing truck."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "They're burning down the town."
  • (Amber Sainsbury) "Nobody will know what happened. They'll just think it was some horrible accident."
  • (Elizabeth Hawthorne) "Next time they'll take out Point Hope, Wainwright."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Hell of a day."
  • (Ben Foster) "Just you wait."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Yeah, it worked. But they're gonna cut off the power, so --"
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Let me tell you what I got. You don't work at the refinery. You didn't fly in; somebody'd seen you. And you're definitely not from around here. How'd you get in?"
  • (Josh Hartnett) "All right. Well, we got a long time to figure this out. Nobody's coming for you for a month."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "I can smell your blood."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Can't your wife bring you up a sweater or two? Or bring the whole tribe up while she's at it?"
  • (Nathaniel Lees) "They'll come when they're ready, I guess."

Amber Sainsbury as Denise

  • (Amber Sainsbury) "Neither of you are getting me alone. Neither."
  • (Jared Turner) "Ah. We share, right? None of us have to be greedy."
  • (Kelson Henderson) "Yeah, come on. We'll be good."
  • (Jared Turner) "Oh, you will? Where's the fun in that?"
  • (Kelson Henderson) "Oh, you bad little bitch."

Melissa George as Stella Oleson

  • (Melissa George) "I should have fought harder, kept Wilson here."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "It's hard to stop someone when there family's at stake. The things you'll do to save your own."
  • (Melissa George) "We were like that once -- weren't we?"
  • (Melissa George) "What did you do to yourself?"
  • (Josh Hartnett) "What I had to. Should I go after them?"
  • (Josh Hartnett) "It's almost dawn. We made it."
  • (Melissa George) "Eben -- the dawn --"
  • (Adam Colletta) "Are you sure you don't want to stay? Me and Jeannie were kind of hoping that you and Eben might re-think this seperation thing."
  • (Melissa George) "Thanks. I uh -- got to make the plane."
  • (Melissa George) "These things can't survive the sun. What if we brought the sun early? Helen had that operation at home."
  • (Mark Rendall) "Yeah. She used an ultraviolet light to grow the stuff."
  • (Melissa George) "Yeah. I can run for her place, let them follow me, and hit them with the sun lamp while the rest of you beat it to the sheriff's station."
  • (Mark Boone Junior) "Just because something stopped Bela Lugosi doesn't mean it can stop these things."
  • (Melissa George) "Why would they send that stranger to cut us off, if they can't handle the light?"
  • (Mark Rendall) "What if it doesn't work?"
  • (Melissa George) "It has to."

Ben Foster as The Stranger

  • (Ben Foster) "No way out of town. No one coming to help."
  • (Mark Rendall) "Shut up."
  • (Helen Munson) "Ignore him, Jake."
  • (Ben Foster) "You can feel it. That cold ain't the weather. That's death approaching. Who do you think they're gonna take first? The girl, who thinks a gun will help her? The kid, sheriff's kid? Or the old gal?"
  • (Mark Rendall) "Shut up."
  • (Ben Foster) "Oh -- yeah -- thank you, for the plastique. I can snap that apart and pick the lock."
  • (Ben Foster) "You s***head."
  • (Ben Foster) "They didn't take me."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Who did they take?"
  • (Ben Foster) "They didn't take me."

Mark Boone Junior as Beau Brower

  • (Mark Boone Junior) "You ain't gonna eat me."

Danny Huston as Marlow

  • (Danny Huston) "The heads must be separated from their bodies. Do not turn them."
  • (Danny Huston) "Shukanu ja'miph."
  • (Danny Huston) "There is no escape. No hope. Only hunger and pain."
  • (Danny Huston) "That which can be broken must be broken."
  • (Danny Huston) "Come and see."
  • (Danny Huston) "We should have come here ages ago."
  • (Danny Huston) "When man meets a force he can't destroy, he destroys himself. What a plague you are."

Mark Rendall as Jake Oleson

  • (Mark Rendall) "I saw them feeding on Grandma Helen. They're like, vampires, you know?"
  • (Melissa George) "Vampires don't exist, Jake."

Elizabeth Hawthorne as Lucy Ikos

  • (Elizabeth Hawthorne) "Now there's six of us."
  • (Nathaniel Lees) "Soon there'll be just five."
  • (Nathaniel Lees) "The little girl in the store. I changed. I'm just so thirsty now. I couldn't tell you. That photo's all I've got left of my family. Martha was taking the kids to visit her mom. They were hit -- by a drunk driver. I wanted to be with them so much. I -- I couldn't bring myself to do it. But I know they're waiting for me. I can't live forever. I can't. Eben. Don't let me."

Joel Tobeck as Doug Hertz

  • (Joel Tobeck) "They don't fall down when they're shot."
  • (Mark Boone Junior) "Hell, neither do I."

Manu Bennett as Deputy Billy Kitka

  • (Manu Bennett) "I heard the screams. I didn't want them to die like the rest. I tried to shoot myself too. The f***ing gun jammed. I shouldn't have signaled to you. I just couldn't stand being on my own."
  • (Manu Bennett) "I brought Peggy here on our first date."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Yeah, we all did."
  • (Josh Hartnett) "Not Peggy, of course."
  • (Manu Bennett) "Peggy and me can put two girls in one room. You'd have a place of your own."
  • (Melissa George) "I can't stay here. I've got bills to put in the mail. My plants will die."
  • (Manu Bennett) "It'll all work out. Of course, the price of staying at my place is explaining to me and Peggy just what the heck is wrong with you and Eben."
  • (Melissa George) "Not enough time this century to cover that, Billy."
  • (Manu Bennett) "You know, Beau's not so bad. Why'd you bother writing him up?"
  • (Josh Hartnett) "He lives all alone out there on the south ridge. A little citation now and then lets him know he's a part of this town."

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