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61* Quotes

61* is a television program that was first aired in 1970 on HBO. 61* stopped airing in 1970.

It features Robert F. Colesberry as producer, and Marc Shaiman in charge of musical score.

61* is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 61* is 129 minutes long. 61* is produced by HBO Films and distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

The cast includes: Paul Borghese as Yogi Berra, Thomas Jane as Mickey Mantle, Anthony Michael Hall as Whitey Ford, Barry Pepper as Roger Maris, Thomas Jane as Mickey, Barry Pepper as Roger, Bobby Hosea as Elston Howard, Chris Bauer as Bob, Seymour Cassel as Sam Simon, Bob Gunton as Dan Topping, Richard Masur as Milt Kahn, Peter Jacobson as Artie Green, and Bruce McGill as Ralph Houk.

61* Quotes

Peter Jacobson as Artie Green

  • (Peter Jacobson) "Can you believe this? They're booing him in his own ballpark"
  • (Richard Masur) "Yeah, and I wonder why, Artie?"
  • (Peter Jacobson) "MVP; Most Vacant Personality."

Anthony Michael Hall as Whitey Ford

  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "Hey, Mick, you read Sam Simon's column today?"
  • (Thomas Jane) "No, you know I don't read that s***. Son of a bitch has been after me since day one. What's it say?"
  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "This guy died and nobody told him."
  • (Unnamed) "As I stand here this afternoon, it is impossible not to think of the Babe; not to feel his presence here even now. He was more than a ball player. He was everything that is special about this game. He was everything that is special about America."
  • (Thomas Jane) "I bet I got more p***** than he did."
  • (Anthony Michael Hall) "Hey, Slick, how come every time you get drunk it costs me money?"

Barry Pepper as Roger Maris

  • (Barry Pepper) "I did not say the Babe had it easier. Can you believe this s***?"
  • (Thomas Jane) "You gotta be careful."
  • (Barry Pepper) "You'd think I was trying to replace Jesus Christ or something."
  • (Chris Bauer) "Then don't read the Daily News."
  • (Barry Pepper) "There ya go Mick."
  • (Thomas Jane) "What the hell's that?"
  • (Chris Bauer) "That's Roger's special eggs."
  • (Thomas Jane) "It looks disgusting."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Well you don't have to have any Bob."
  • (Chris Bauer) "Oh, thank you."
  • (Thomas Jane) "I'm sorry Roger, but I'm going to have to pass."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Mick, I'm telling ya, don't listen to Bob. Last few times I ate these, I hit home runs."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Sorry Bob, looks like somebody likes 'em."
  • (Chris Bauer) "You like 'em?"
  • (Thomas Jane) "No, they're s***, but I'm in a bit of a slump. I'll try anything."
  • (Barry Pepper) "You would have done it too."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Ah, bulls***. It was you Rodge. You did it, you son of a bitch. Nobody can ever take that away from you. No matter what bulls*** they try to tell you. That record's yours."
  • (Thomas Jane) "You're a good man, Roger."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Listen Mick, Cerv and I got this place. It's real nice and quiet. It's in a nice place, neighborhood. Heck, sometimes we cook for ourselves and other times we're sending out."
  • (Thomas Jane) "What the hell are you talking about?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "Yeah, well I was just thinking, maybe you'd like to come and live with us."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Let me get this straight. I got a big f***ing suite at the St. Maritz Hotel, and you want me to move to Queens?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "So Mickey uh -- you know, Bob and I, we are trying to keep it quiet here, so uh -- we'll have a few beers every now and then, but uh --"
  • (Thomas Jane) "What, no broads?"
  • (Unnamed) "Right."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Mick, did you ever stop and think, if you took better care of yourself, you wouldn't be getting hurt all the time. Did you see what you did out there today with only one arm, and tonight you're out screwing around. How can you do that? You're Mickey Mantle for Christ's Sake."
  • (Thomas Jane) "What's that supposed to mean huh? What the f***'s that supposed to mean?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "I don't know Mick, maybe you're the one who doesn't want it."
  • (Thomas Jane) "You think you know something about me? You don't know s*** about me."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Yeah? Fine."
  • (Thomas Jane) "My dad died when he was 39. Hodgkins. My grandfather, my uncle, same thing. None of 'em made it past the age of 45 so I'm gonna live my life the way I want. Why don't you get off my back. Call your wife, go cry to her about it."
  • (Barry Pepper) "-- So the guy tells me "Hey, Rog, would you sign an X for my kid?" I sign X and the son of a bitch takes off. I was going to give him a real autograph, I was just kidding around. We win the most important game of the season and this is the horses*** they write about?"
  • (Thomas Jane) "What the hell are you doing?"
  • (Chris Bauer) "Sorry, Mick. You're not the only one with a bum knee."
  • (Thomas Jane) "I don't know what smells worse, your foot or these eggs."
  • (Barry Pepper) "This is horses***. Horses***. I never make a kid cry."
  • (Thomas Jane) "For a guy that hates the press, you sure do read alot of it."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Well, if they want to talk about what happens on the field, I say that's fair game. But this, this is cheap shot bulls***."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Hey, cheap shots, man, that's how it is. In '53 I tried to volunteer for the Army, but got rejected on account of my knees. The papers called me a draft dodger. Don't matter to them what the truth is, and I still get booed for that s***."
  • (Barry Pepper) "So what do you do? You just get used to it?"
  • (Thomas Jane) "No, but you got to."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Now what are you doing?"
  • (Chris Bauer) "This hangnail's killing me."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Take it to the bedroom, man. That's disgusting."
  • (Barry Pepper) ""Mean-Spirited Roger -- ""
  • (Chris Bauer) "You know, I'm not even good enough for people to write about."
  • (Chris Bauer) "Why are you reading this stuff, Roger? It's not helping you. Listen, whether you guys break this record or not, it's going to mean nothing unless we get back to the World Series. They may have to cut my knee at the end of the season. I'm going to need that $8,000."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Yeah, you're right, Bob. Sorry."
  • (Chris Bauer) "Ohh --"
  • (Thomas Jane) "Now, look what you've done."
  • (Chris Bauer) "Probably would make it taste better."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Curveball?"
  • (Thomas Jane) "Yeah, but it didn't curve."
  • (Barry Pepper) "If I don't wanna talk about things, and I don't know what they wanna hear, and I just wanna play ball. Does that make me the bad guy?"
  • (Thomas Jane) "There is no bad guy, Rodge."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Well I got about a 1000 more of these that says your wrong. I just don't understand why it's so important to them."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Maybe you oughta forget about your mail for awhile. Put this s*** away."
  • (Barry Pepper) "No, I gotta write back to the kids. Believe it or not, there's some real nice one's in there from the kids."

Richard Masur as Milt Kahn

  • (Richard Masur) "Do you think you earned their respect out there today?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "Milt, I don't think that's something you earn on a ballfield."
  • (Richard Masur) "No, this is bush."
  • (Peter Jacobson) "Come on, it's a good move."
  • (Seymour Cassel) "Schmuck."
  • (Richard Masur) "He had a great season."
  • (Peter Jacobson) "Aaah, the pressure got to him."
  • (Richard Masur) "You ever play baseball, Artie?"
  • (Peter Jacobson) "No. Not really."
  • (Richard Masur) "That's what I thought."

Thomas Jane as Mickey Mantle

  • (Thomas Jane) "She looks me dead in the eye, and says, "I thought you was a homo." I said "What the hell are you talkin' about" she goes "well I heard you was a switch hitter.""
  • (Thomas Jane) "Roger, are we feuding?"
  • (Barry Pepper) "They said so on the TV, it must be true."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Well, f*** you then."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Up yours."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Hey Merlyn -- it's me."
  • (Merlyn Mantle) "What time is it?"
  • (Thomas Jane) "I don't know."
  • (Merlyn Mantle) "What's wrong?"
  • (Thomas Jane) "Oh I just called to say hi to the boys."
  • (Merlyn Mantle) "Jesus. Mickey it's 2:30."
  • (Thomas Jane) "I just called to make sure -- everybody's alright."
  • (Merlyn Mantle) "Well they'd like to talk to you more."
  • (Thomas Jane) "That's why I'm calling."
  • (Merlyn Mantle) "Well it's a little bit past their bedtime."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Okay, I'll call back tomorrow. What time do they get up for school?"
  • (Merlyn Mantle) "Mickey. It's August."
  • (Thomas Jane) "God, I'm stupid"
  • (Merlyn Mantle) "I'll tell 'em you called."
  • (Merlyn Mantle) "Mickey?"
  • (Thomas Jane) "I just ain't getting there. I just can't play no more. I'm wore out, done. I'm out of the race. Thought I took pretty good care of myself too."
  • (Barry Pepper) "You did Mick. Damn straight you did."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Well anyway, he's all yours if you want him. You go get that fat f***."
  • (Thomas Jane) "You know, when I first came up, Casey and everybody gave me so much pressure, saying I was going to be the next Joe DiMaggio, so they gave me the number 6, right? Ruth was 3, Gehrig was 4, DiMaggio was 5, and me, number 6. I hated that. And the press, they was all over me, calling me a hillbilly. I was, I mean, I came in with a $4 suitcase and a $8 dollar suit. My hometown's got 2,000 people, Yankee Stadium's got 40 times that. 19 years old and everyone's expecting me to hit a home run every time I get up to the plate. It was killing me. Couldn't hit the ball. So they sent me down to the minors. Couldn't hit there, neither. So I called my dad and I said,"I'm giving up. Can't play no more." So he asked me where I'm at. Kansas City was where I was, and he drove up and grabbed all my s*** and put it in a suitcase, and he said, "I'm taking you home, then. You're going to work the mines with me the rest of your life." I started crying, and he just let me have it, boy. He said, "I thought I raised a man. You ain't nothing but a coward. Be a man." Truth was, I was lonesome -- scared. Anyways, I started hitting after that, and they called me back up and gave me the number 7. I was glad of that, I hated that number 6."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Yeah, honey, it was my idea. Ah, you know how it is at the hotel, all the reporters and the fans all the time, this is great. Oh it's just me, Roger, and Cerv."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Hey, you look kind of sexy in that. No, there ain't no girls here, it's Roger. He wearing a stupid little girlie apron, cooking up some bacon. Rog, say hi to Merlyn."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Howdy, Merlyn."
  • (Thomas Jane) "Oh, here's Bob. Say hi, Bob."
  • (Chris Bauer) "Uh, hi Bob."
  • (Thomas Jane) "See, I'm going to be real domesticated now."
  • (Thomas Jane) "I'm expectin' a guest, and his name is Mr. Jack -- Daniels"
  • (Thomas Jane) "I like women with small hands, they make my dick look big."
  • (Thomas Jane) "So where was I? -- Oh yeah, We're gettin' undressed and we start foolin' around and she suddenly stops and says 'I thought you was a homo?' And I say 'What? Wht the hell you talkin' about?' And she says 'Well, I heard you was a switch hitter'."
  • (Thomas Jane) "What happened? I was on the john."

Bob Gunton as Dan Topping

  • (Bob Gunton) "I was wondering if you would consider changing the lineup around?"
  • (Bruce McGill) "What do you mean?"
  • (Bob Gunton) "Switching Mantle and Maris."
  • (Bruce McGill) "You're kidding me. We're only a game up on the Tigers, the most important series of the year and you want to screw with it? What is this about, the home runs? You're reading the fan mail? You're letting the fans run the team?"
  • (Bob Gunton) "The fans pay your salary, Ralph."
  • (Bruce McGill) "Well, you can change the lineup if you want, but not while I'm manager. And I'll tell you something else, the right guy is going to break that stupid record."

Chris Bauer as Bob

  • (Chris Bauer) "What the hell does he eat?"

Bruce McGill as Ralph Houk

  • (Bruce McGill) "I'm not a sentimental type guy, but -- most of us, we bang around the game for a while, then we are forgotten. Ruth, Cobb, Gehrig, DiMaggio, those guys were bigger than the game, and I know that is not what you want. But right now, whether you like it or not, you're bigger than the game. And this is your chance to go out there and show them what you're made of, and that you owe to yourself. I'll tell you what, why don't you start the game, and at any moment you want to get out, you give me a look, and I'll take you out."
  • (Barry Pepper) "Ok -- sounds fair."

Paul Borghese as Yogi Berra

  • (Paul Borghese) "Ninety percent of the game is half mental."
  • (Paul Borghese) "Oh, look at this. Mr. Ambidextrial."
  • (Bobby Hosea) "Ambidextrial?"
  • (Paul Borghese) "Ambidextrial, you know -- this side, that side."

Seymour Cassel as Sam Simon

  • (Seymour Cassel) "All I did was say that he had an off season."
  • (Bob Gunton) "He hit forty home runs last year. A lot of players would kill for that kind of an "off" season."

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