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7th Heaven (TV series) Quotes

7th Heaven is a Drama (modern genre) that first aired in 1996 on The WB (1996-2006). 7th Heaven ended its run in 2007.

7th Heaven lasted 11 seasons and 243 episodes. It features Johnny Rivers; Jack Tempchin and Steve Plunkett as theme composer. 7th Heaven is executive produced by Brenda Hampton. 7th Heaven is created by Brenda Hampton.

7th Heaven is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 7th Heaven is 44 minutes long. 7th Heaven is produced by Spelling Television and distributed by Paramount Domestic Television.

The cast includes: Stephen Collins as Eric, Catherine Hicks as Annie, Mackenzie Rosman as Ruthie, David Gallagher as Simon, Jessica Biel as Mary, Beverley Mitchell as Lucy, Lorenzo Brino as Sam, Nikolas Brino as David, Beverley Mitchell as Lucy Camden, Barry Watson as Matt, Tyler Hoechlin as Martin, Tyler Hoechlin as Martin Brewer, Barry Watson as Mac, Jessica Biel as Rev. Camden, George Stults as Kevin Kinkirk, Lorenzo Brino as Sam Camden, George Stults as Kevin, Geoff Stults as Ben Kinkirk, Rachel Blanchard as Roxanne Richardson, Jeremy London as Chandler Hampton, and Geoff Stults as Beau.

7th Heaven Quotes

Catherine Hicks as Annie

  • (Catherine Hicks) "See my tummy? That's you."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Maybe I never should have come out."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "But -- look what you would've missed -- riding on Daddy's shoulders -- and Simon rocking you on the front porch -- and Mary -- giving you a bath in the kitchen sink."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "My butt was a lot smaller then."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "All of our -- bottoms were a lot smaller then."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "I need to talk to you in the living room."
  • (Lorenzo Brino) "You're in trouble. Tell her you're sorry and you'll never do it again."
  • (Stephen Collins) "I don't think that will work for me."
  • (Nikolas Brino) "Tell her Happy did it."
  • (Stephen Collins) "I don't think that will work for me either."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "There is one thing I've noticed about teenage boys from watching your sisters, and that is they all come back. Sooner or later, all of them come back."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "Teenagers."
  • (Stephen Collins) "Yeah, if you don't like their mood, wait 10 minutes."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "Honey, honey, not now. I don't have time to plaster."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "As soon as I get some rest, the little blond boy is mine."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "Who is in the hospital?"
  • (Stephen Collins) "The hospitalized."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "I'm losing a son-in-law whom I love and adore, and I'm getting -- Rose?"
  • (Catherine Hicks) "Could you not do that, honey? I don't have time to plaster."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "You may be weird, but at least you'll all be my honest little weirdos."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "You want a piece of me? I brought seven kids into this world, I can take one out."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "The fact that my kid is more concerned with the punishment than the crime tells me something. And you know what it tells me? My kid is a weenie."
  • (Jessica Biel) "So I guess I'm grounded for life?"
  • (Catherine Hicks) "That's a given."

Jessica Biel as Mary

  • (Jessica Biel) "HELLO-MY-NAME-IS-MARY."
  • (Stephen Collins) "Mary, he's French, not deaf."
  • (Jessica Biel) "Cheese covers a myriad of sins."
  • (Jessica Biel) "Is there a law against beating up you brother? Cause I swear, I'll get arrested."
  • (Jessica Biel) "You know what the scariest thing in my life is?"
  • (David Gallagher) "Those bowling shoes?"
  • (Jessica Biel) "Why can't you talk to me?"
  • (Unnamed) "No offense, but you're not in the club."

Barry Watson as Matt

  • (Barry Watson) "What's wrong with Luce?"
  • (Jessica Biel) "God hates her."
  • (Barry Watson) "Still? You'd think after 13 years he'd move on to someone else."
  • (Barry Watson) "I'm gonna be -- a gynaecologist."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "Well, he does love women."
  • (Barry Watson) "This is Bernie, Mary Camden's attorney."
  • (Unnamed) "Mary Camden can't afford to pay a $50 bill but she has an attorney?"
  • (Barry Watson) "Come on. We can't have a caper like that and keep secrets from each other. Come on. We're brothers."
  • (Barry Watson) "The only thing worse than a lecture from Dad --"
  • (Jessica Biel) "-- is a lecture from the Colonel."
  • (Barry Watson) "Consider this your initiation in to the Camden family. It's one thing to give my sister a ring, marry her and father a child. It's another thing, a better thing to join her brother in a good old-fashioned family caper."

Mackenzie Rosman as Ruthie

  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "You two better not make a lot of noise and wreck my date."
  • (David Gallagher) "It's not a date, it's a play date. You're eight. I'm going on a date."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "It's not a date, you're twelve. It's a birthday dinner."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "By the power invested in me, in me, I now pronounce you a couple. You may now kiss you ex-girlfriend's sister. You know, you guys should really go on a talk show."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Do you have to have special clothes to feel special? I just put on a clean pair of underwear and I feel great."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "You've got money, you've got new clothes, and women are unexplainably attracted to you. Are you Spiderman or something?"
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "You're the worst babysitter I ever had."
  • (David Gallagher) "That's not what you said two hours ago."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Yeah, well that was before you made me wear the staircase."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "My parents can't get divorced, you big ape, I won't let them."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "I'm going to be an inferior decorator."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "I don't think I'll be wearing this hat any more."
  • (David Gallagher) "Hey, I'll take it."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Okay."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Bad words make me sound bad."
  • (David Gallagher) "No, bad words make you sound stupid."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "You took him?"
  • (Stephen Collins) "We took all of you."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "He told me he took a cab and paid for it all by himself."
  • (Stephen Collins) "Cabs are very cheap on Planet Simon."

David Gallagher as Simon

  • (David Gallagher) "What about Ruthie as Maid of Honor?"
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "No thanks. I don't want to be anyone's maid. I don't clean good. No elbow power."
  • (David Gallagher) "Ruthie -- how ya doing?"
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Fine, how are you doing?"
  • (David Gallagher) "Fine -- but I'm not in school."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "-- bye."
  • (David Gallagher) "Wait -- how is school?"
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Fine, except for algerbra."
  • (David Gallagher) "You're lying -- no one said anything to you about me?"
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Well, why would they?"
  • (David Gallagher) "Becase I'm your brother and -- the kid on the bike was your age."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "He didn't go to my school."
  • (David Gallagher) "Look, you don't have to protect me. I have it easier than you, I'm not in school."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Simon, no one has it harder than you."
  • (David Gallagher) "Who do you think you are, grabbing the phone out of my hand like that?"
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Someone who needed to make a phone call and I made it, so you can have your stupid phone back."
  • (David Gallagher) "Isn't it a rule in this house that we have to respect each other or at least pretend to respect each other?"
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Well, no one respects me. No one even pretends to."
  • (David Gallagher) "How ya doing, kid?"
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Get out of my face."
  • (David Gallagher) "You're okay."
  • (David Gallagher) "Hey, what's going on?"
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Go away."
  • (David Gallagher) "Go away? Come on, it's -- it's me, it's Simon -- I'm your favorite sibling, I'm the guy you shared a room with, let me in -- come on, Cecilia already won't talk to me, I can't take you not talking to me too."
  • (David Gallagher) "What's for breakfast?"
  • (Catherine Hicks) "Any cereal in the cupboard you want."
  • (David Gallagher) "Okay, okay I'm flexible."

Jeremy London as Chandler Hampton

  • (Jeremy London) "Female logic is fascinating."

Beverley Mitchell as Lucy

  • (Beverley Mitchell) "I think I liked the drunk father better."
  • (Stephen Collins) "He certainly was warmer."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Is there anything you want to tell me?"
  • (David Gallagher) "Aren't you that Camden who finds out everything last? You know, 'cause if I change something as basic to the family structure as that, this family might just fall apart."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "I doubt it."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "You're right. They're not officially engaged, but if they get married before us, you're a dead man and they won't have to get me a jury because I'll proudly plead guilty."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "I swear, you guys gossip more than old ladies."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "This is all your fault. You brought home that --"
  • (Jeremy London) "Surely you don't think Roxanne is what you were just about to call her?"
  • (George Stults) "No, she doesn't."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Yes, I do."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "This can't be happening. This can't be happening."
  • (Unnamed) "It is happening, wake up."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Today, I am not your daughter, your sister or your wife, I am Lucy Kinkirk. The Reverend Lucy Kinkirk."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "I want to be a minister because I want to be like my dad. I want to do what he does, I want to be who he is in the community. I want to serve God and I want to serve mankind. And I believe that this is my purpose in life and I was guided to that purpose in a unique way, by being the daughter of a minister."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Sunday is not the new Saturday night."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "What kind of name is 'Joy' anyway?"
  • (Jessica Biel) "The kind of name that explains the look on Robbie's face."
  • (Unnamed) "Are you crazy?"
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Crazy like a fox, my friend."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "I told you something bad was going to happen. When she's in the middle of her crab legs, it'll suddenly occur to her that Chandler is not the guy for her and she'll find us and -- Oh my God. She said he was going to ask her to marry him. Ugh. I hate her. I hate him too. They don't even know each other. Kevin and I know each other. We're in love with each other. We should be getting engaged tonight. Not them. I may look like the crazy person, but they're the crazy people. Crazy people who are going to get married before I do. When I see Kevin, he is so going to get a piece of my heart. He probably knows Chandler is going to propose to her and that's why he is being nice and going through all this trouble."

Lorenzo Brino as Sam

  • (Lorenzo Brino) "I wanna see Lucy bein' a preacher."
  • (Lorenzo Brino) "I got a cookie under my pillow."
  • (Nikolas Brino) "I already ate mine."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "Why would you put a cookie under your pillow? Is it because there's no place in the kitchen to put your cookies?"
  • (Nikolas Brino) "No, it's for emergencies."

Stephen Collins as Eric

  • (Stephen Collins) "All right, Simon, I don't like what you have been doing. And it's really difficult to believe that after growing up in this family, you could just so easily abandon what you've been taught and what I think you believe and -- I do love you, son, I do. I hate what you've been doing, but I love you."
  • (Stephen Collins) "I love you guys."
  • (Lorenzo Brino) "I love Spiderman."
  • (Nikolas Brino) "I love Batman."
  • (Stephen Collins) "I love Batman too."
  • (Lorenzo Brino) "What about Spiderman?"
  • (Stephen Collins) "I love him too."
  • (Nikolas Brino) "Which do you love more?"
  • (Stephen Collins) "-- Batman."
  • (Nikolas Brino) "Why?"
  • (Stephen Collins) "I have no idea. Good night boys."
  • (Stephen Collins) "That was the best conversation I had all day."
  • (Stephen Collins) "You know in some ways your mother hasn't changed since the day I married her over twenty years ago."
  • (Barry Watson) "And in other ways?"
  • (Stephen Collins) "She's mean. Really, really mean."
  • (Stephen Collins) "Honey, honey, not now. I-I don't know how to plaster."
  • (Stephen Collins) "If you'll excuse me, I have to put my head through a wall."
  • (Stephen Collins) "There's always going to be somebody who'll try to take your dignity and self-esteem. Just never let them take your voice."
  • (Stephen Collins) "Don't try to ruin a perfectly good night of spying on the kids with logic."
  • (Stephen Collins) "Are you aware that our living room is filled with children who don't belong to us?"
  • (Stephen Collins) "I was marrying Kevin and Lucy in my underwear."
  • (Stephen Collins) "You, Lucy Camden, are an outstanding person. And if they gave out an award for the best in the human race, you would win it year after year."
  • (Stephen Collins) "A mother feeding her child is the most beautiful picture in the world."
  • (Catherine Hicks) "Do you have any idea how much this hurts?"
  • (Stephen Collins) "Do you want me to help?"
  • (David Gallagher) "Do I want you to help me? Of course, I want you to help me. But you can't. I have to be a grown up tonight."
  • (Stephen Collins) "You expect me to believe that you have to choose between family and that low life, cradle-robbing sky jockey?"

George Stults as Kevin Kinkirk

  • (George Stults) "There's always something wrong with the girls you pick."
  • (Geoff Stults) "What about Mary?"
  • (George Stults) "I rest my case."
  • (George Stults) "So what if Lucy is stubborn and slightly insane."
  • (George Stults) "Lucy Camden, will you marry me?"
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Thank you."
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "Yes, Kevin Kinkirk, I will marry you."
  • (George Stults) "She's crazy."
  • (Unnamed) "Cra-zy."
  • (George Stults) "But I love her."
  • (Unnamed) "We love her too."

Tyler Hoechlin as Martin Brewer

  • (Tyler Hoechlin) "Maybe someday I'll marry a girl with a lot of brothers and sisters."
  • (Mackenzie Rosman) "Yeah, maybe you will."
  • (Tyler Hoechlin) "Ruthie's like my sister."
  • (Barry Watson) "Are you trying to convince me, or are you trying to convince yourself?"
  • (Tyler Hoechlin) "I made a mistake. A big mistake."
  • (Geoff Stults) "Everyone makes mistakes."
  • (Tyler Hoechlin) "Not like this one -- I got a girl pregnant and I'm gonna be a father."

Rachel Blanchard as Roxanne Richardson

  • (Rachel Blanchard) "Aren't you ministers supposed to preach forgiveness?"
  • (Beverley Mitchell) "I'm not a minister yet, I don't preach anything."

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